5 Must-Haves For A Weekend Backyard Blowout

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Is there anything better in life than having an epic weekend backyard blowout? Good friends, interesting conversation, delicious food, and perhaps some spiced-up drinks are all the ingredients for a good time. The hard part will be deciding whose house the party will be at, which will come down to having the best backyard setup for a blowout.

Is the fun always at someone else’s house? Here are some must-haves for a great weekend blowout that could see the next one be in your backyard:

Weekend Backyard Blowout

Grilling Equipment

A blowout wouldn’t be the same without some grilling involved. The smell of food toasting away on the grill is mouth-watering.

Getting the latest grilling equipment is not always necessary. As long as backyard grills are functional and do the job, there is no need to worry about getting the best and most expensive one. Opting for a more durable option like a built-in grill could make for a great investment.

Not only do you need an actual grill, but you would also need the tools to go with it too. Tongs for turning the food, cleaning brushes and scrapers, and a poker for the hot coals are some of the necessities to have.

Don’t forget the fuel for the fire! Ensure to stock up on enough wood, charcoal, or gas to last throughout the whole blowout session. No one wants to run to the store halfway through the cook to grab forgotten items.

Fun Activities

Having something for everyone to enjoy would be something to consider. If there will be children attending, the activities should include child-friendly options.

Get a slip and slide, jumping castle, or another form of outdoor entertainment for the kids, and it should keep them occupied for hours. Keeping the kids busy could leave the adults free to take care of the cooking and have some fun of their own too.

Card or board games are a popular choice among adults and teenagers alike. Make sure to keep some around for when the party needs an extra dose of excitement.

Comfortable Seating

Friends, family, young, and old will appreciate a comfortable seat. Get different seating options, so everyone has a place to sit.

Be creative when planning the seating arrangements by having soft, plush blankets for the kids, proper chair cushions for the adults, or modular seating options that can be moved around the party. The men may prefer to sit closer to the grill, while the ladies prefer to be close to a table to set down drinks and discuss all the latest gossip.

Movable seating is a great option because the party never stays in one place, right? Chairs or stools that can be moved from one area to another are ideal for the grilling part and later fun activities. Moving around to meet new people could also help grow the social circle.

Eco-Friendly Items

There could be many garbage bags full of messiness left behind after a blowout, but eco-friendly options help take care of mother nature.

Instead of buying disposable plastic plates, cutlery and cups, opt for paper variants. Along with paper accessories, there are bamboo straws and cutlery available that could be cleaned and reused again for the next blowout.

Notify your guests where they can dispose of the items or put them aside for the wash. Leftovers are to be scraped into a separate container to go to compost, while the other items could go straight to recycling.

The only footprints left behind after the party would be those from the fun activities on the grass.

Designated Photographer

We want to have pictures of the blowout to remind us of the fun times. Having a designated person taking photos could make it easy to keep these pictures together to share with everyone later.

While running around to keep guests happy and entertained could leave little room for the host to take pictures, if there is one person appointed before the festivities start, it could relieve that burden.

Ask the person to include all the activities, snaps from the grill, and fun and laughter. Creating memories with family and friends is priceless. To have the photos to prove that is more valuable than any currency.

Putting It All Together

The next time talks are going around about a blowout, make sure you are ready to volunteer. Get that backyard in top shape, ready the grill, plan the activities, and most of all, have a good time!

Once everything is in place, sit back, relax, and enjoy creating those beautifully unforgettable moments.

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