5 Reasons You Should Consider Getting a Family Dog

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Many families with young children or even babies try to decide whether getting a family dog is a good idea. Babies, toddlers, and young kids are a lot of work, and adding a dog on top of that can feel stressful. However, there are several reasons you should consider getting a family dog. Adults and children alike can benefit from dog ownership in a number of ways. Plus, dogs sure are cute!

1. Your Family Can Get More Exercise

Dogs need time to run and play outside. They like to go on walks, play fetch, and even run in circles in the backyard. The entire family can take part in these activities, too. Summer days spent outside is a great way for everyone to get some sun and exercise. Maintaining the health of your children is one of your number one priorities as a parent, and with the average cost of a gym membership being $58 per month, parents surely like to find cost-efficient ways to exercise in and around their own homes, too.

A family dog will get everyone in the family up and out of the house for walks in the park and days spent outside entertaining the pup. Getting a dog may help your family achieve the healthier lifestyle you’ve been seeking.

2. Your Kids Can Learn Responsibility

Aside from the benefits of more exercise, your kids will also learn the responsibilities that come with owning a dog. Letting the dog out to go to the bathroom as well as bathing, washing, feeding, and taking the dog to the vet are all tasks that children of all ages can help with. A chart that outlines these responsibilities along with a schedule would be a great way to teach your children responsibility and the importance of each task when it comes to taking care of and maintaining the health and well-being of their pet.

3. Animals Provide Stress-Relief

There are several stressors in the world we live in. Parents may feel stress due to their job, financial circumstances, personal problems, or because of a particular issue with a child. Children may feel stress because of school, difficulties learning, social situations, or making friends. Teens struggle with body image issues, popularity at school, struggles at school, and more.

Dogs have proven to be therapeutic to humans, helping individuals of all ages enjoy reduced levels of stress, anxiety, and depression. Dogs can help humans feel less lonely or overwhelmed. A dog’s kind snuggle or kiss on the face can have adults and children alike go from crying to smiling and even laughing. Dogs provide a feeling of comfort and love that is incredibly powerful.

Between July 2013 and July 2014, 23% of massage consumers had a massage for relaxation and stress reduction. While this is certainly a wonderful way to reduce feelings of frustration and stress every once in a while, getting a dog can be a great emotional benefit for everyone in the family to enjoy every day.

4. Children Can Benefit Socially

Similar to the responsibilities that come with getting a family dog, your children can also benefit socially. Dog ownership requires children to problem-solve and think through situations while interacting with other animals and children. Owning a pet in itself allows your child to practice having a responsibility, which will be important as they grow up and obtain bigger ones.

Owning a dog also comes with entertaining social interactions with other dog owners and passersby. While walking your dog in a park, he or she will likely draw attention from other animals as well as individuals who want to pet it. This allows for children to explain who their dog is, what his or her name is, and how they should go about petting it. Children want to share their love for their pet with others, which provides opportunities for social interactions and ways for your child to bond or make a friend.

5. You Can Support Small Businesses By Purchasing Pet Accessories

Apart from the benefits adults and children alike get to enjoy while owning a pet, a family dog can also allow you to support small businesses in your community. The United States’s 28 million small businesses throughout the country are struggling financially due to the pandemic. Once you get a family dog, purchase a collar, toys, and other pet accessories from small businesses near you.

Dog ownership requires a lot of hard work, but your kids will reap the benefits for years to come. A family dog allows children to learn responsibility and benefit socially, and the entire family can also benefit from the exercise and stress-relief that a dog provides within a household. Consider adopting a dog from a local shelter, or find websites and shelters across your state that are trying to provide homes to dogs in need. With hypoallergenic dog breeds at your reach, your family’s allergies can be accommodated, too. A dog is a wonderful addition to any family, so search for your loving pup today!

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