5 Simple Tips for Making Better Coffee on Your Coffee Machine

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Brewing the perfect cup of joe can seem like a big ask. You may get it right at times, but most of the time, you’re left to wonder why the taste is off. Fortunately, there are five tips to bring the best out of your coffee maker that we’ll discuss today. You can also check these tips out at freshpresso.net.

How to Bring the Best Out of Your Coffee Maker

We love our coffee makers, but sometimes they might not love us as much. Hence, the subpar coffee they may have been providing thus far. Keep in mind, though, that these machines don’t have complete control over the kind of coffee we get. We can influence that result as much or even more than them.

1. Grind Your Coffee

Getting the most out of your coffee machine means taking steps to get the most out of your beans. You have to grind the beans before pouring them into the appliance. When beans are ground, their surface area becomes smaller, making it easier for the machine to extract their oils. The beans also release more aroma in this state, though they’re almost certain to deteriorate faster than when they were whole.

Rather than buy ground coffee, purchase whole beans and use a grinder to grind them instead. You may very well find your mornings so much more improved this way. If you have yet to secure a grinder, consider getting just enough pre-ground product to get you through until you acquire one.

2. Dosing

Grinding aside, you must also be aware of the dose. This refers to the amount of coffee poured into the portafilter, the section where the water runs through to create an espresso shot. Sticking to a consistent method is key to making delicious coffee day in and day out. Consider your preferences, like how strong you usually want your coffee and what kind of texture appeals to you.

A good idea would be to weigh your dose, though you may have trial and error if this doesn’t apply. It may take a few tries before you finally get it, but it should be smooth sailing from there once you do. Just use the same number of scoops and run your grinder for the same amount of time it takes to achieve the perfect coffee, and you should be golden!

3. Distribution and Tamping

Before locking the portafilter in place, you must ready the dose so that water runs through it evenly. Not only does this mean distributing the coffee evenly across the portafilter, but it also means keeping its density relatively even as well. Some grinders pour coffee into portafilters evenly, so they should keep you from worrying about this aspect as much. All it takes is a simple tap to level the coffee grounds in some machines.

Furthermore, the coffee should be tamped before the portafilter is inserted into the coffee maker. The key to tamping is to do it in a way that gets you an excellent level tamp. You want to push the grounds down until resistance is felt as far as tamping pressure. Pushing harder won’t affect the extraction process too much, but pushing with less force may cause uneven extraction.

4. Shot Extraction

Another step to improving how your coffee machine serves your morning cup is to observe the extraction process. This allows you to understand how your coffee machine works and, in turn, make the proper adjustments in case things don’t go according to plan.

As the extraction process commences, you should observe that it takes around six seconds before coffee begins to drip from the spouts. This would be the time required for the pump to push water through the dry puck. Once the puck is saturated, water should run through it more easily. Thus, you’ll notice things run a bit faster after the initial extraction.

Next, you’ll have to keep watch of the dual spouts and make sure coffee is flowing out of them evenly. The extract should start looking a deep, rich brown color and lighten throughout the process. At around the time extraction comes to an end, the liquid pouring from the spouts may resemble discolored water. This is an indication of the coffee grounds’ thorough extraction.

5. Cleaning Your Machine

If you don’t make a habit of cleaning your coffee machine after every use, it might not be long until you suffer from bad-tasting coffee. Cleaning is what most of us overlook about our machines and the reason why we never quite get that perfect cup.

Thankfully, cleaning also tends to have an easy fix: you clean. Proper coffee machine cleaning and maintenance keeps your beans delicious and coffee perfectly dialed in. In contrast, poor or lack of cleaning practices can ruin your coffee easily.

Improve Your Coffee Game Today!

As the above tips show, there’s not much to ensure you get delicious coffee daily. You can start today by getting to know your coffee machine and its inner workings. And remember: don’t forget to clean. Sometimes, that might be all it takes to up your coffee game.

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