5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Jewelry Pieces for Your Style (or Someone Else’s)

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Jewelry is the ultimate accessory. It can be simple and subtly enhance an outfit, or it can make a bold statement. No matter what, if you’re investing in jewelry it should fit your personal style.

Maybe you’re finally ready for a few staples, high-quality pieces of jewelry you’ll wear for years? Or maybe you need help finding the best gold diamond ring before popping the big question? Either way, these tips will help you find the perfect jewelry pieces for a specific personal style. 5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Jewelry Pieces for Your Style (or Someone Else's)

Take a Look at Your Closet

The first thing you want to do is really assess what your personal style is. The best way to do that is to take a look at your closet. What do you see? What types of colors, cuts, and types of clothing make up the bulk of your wardrobe? 

Since jewelry is worn with your clothing, what you have in your closet is the number one factor. People who always wear tailored suits, tops and bottoms will probably gravitate towards simple, impeccably made jewelry. If your wardrobe is a bit edgier or avant-garde, a ring with black diamonds is probably more suitable than a classic white diamond solitaire. 

Study How Your Style Has Evolved

Since jewelry can be a big investment you’ll want pieces that have longevity. That means knowing how your personal style has evolved over the years and determining where it’s likely to go. Now that you’ve looked at your current wardrobe it’s time to take a trip down memory lane. 

Take a look at pictures over the last decade. How has your style evolved, if at all? Do you tend to follow all the latest trends or stick to certain styles? Have you found your signature look that you feel confident in and wear on a regular basis? 

Before buying jewelry it’s important to take these things into consideration. For more expensive pieces it’s best to go with jewelry that fits styles you’ve consistently loved for years and will likely continue to wear. You can always buy inexpensive costume jewelry to go with trends you may not stick with for more than a season or two. 

Consider Your Home Decor

Home decor is another style giveaway. The type of furniture, finishes, and accessories you choose for your house says a lot about personal style in terms of color preferences and designs. Do you lean towards clean, mid-century modern designs? Or do you prefer rustic decor with a lot of earthy elements? How about glitzy, glam touches that make your home sparkle? 

One place to pay close attention to is your bedroom. It’s your personal haven even inside the home. People’s bedrooms tend to be a real reflection of their personality and where they feel the most comfortable.

Analyze Your Lifestyle

Lifestyle is also a big factor in finding the perfect jewelry. Some pieces just aren’t practical for certain lifestyles. For instance, someone who has children and works at a nursery probably won’t want to wear a lot of dangly earrings and necklaces that tempt little ones to grab. Likewise, if you work with your hands a lot a necklace may be a better choice than rings and bracelets. 

Another way lifestyle affects jewelry choices is where you are going and the type of environment you’ll be in. If you attend a lot of cocktail parties and high-profile events there’s a greater need for fancy pieces you wouldn’t wear every day. But if you only go out on a date night once a month you may want to focus on simpler pieces that are more casual. 

Think About Your Style Icons

Whose style do you admire most? Are there a few high-profile fashionistas that you love to emulate? Your style icons tell you a lot about your accessory preferences and what you want to look like when you’re all dolled up. You can also use the jewelry they wear as inspiration for finding your own. 

After using these tips you should have no problem nailing down which jewelry pieces fit your personal style to a T. Use the information to find jewelry that will look great with your favorite outfits and continue looking great for years to come.

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