5 Tips For Smooth Business Travel

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When travel goes well, it’s wonderful. When things start to go wrong, it’s bad for business.

If you experience problems with the flight or hotel, you won’t be able to concentrate on work.

Here are some tips to ensure that your next business trip goes smoothly.

1. Book in Advance

You can normally find good hotel and flight deals at the last minute. These are great when you’re traveling for leisure and have a flexible schedule.

Don’t take chances with business travel. Make sure you have your flight, hotel, and transportation organized ahead of time. If you’re worried about passport renewal or your picture you can use a passport photo app to ensure your passport photo is up to date. Traveling with out of date documentation won’t get you too far.

If you book well enough in advance, you should be able to find good deals. Hotels normally offer discounts or deals for business travellers, especially if there is a conference or event.

Look on different booking sites for the best options. Some companies will organize everything for you. This is ideal for business travel.

The less you’re worried about the travel itself, the more you can focus on business.

2. Go over the Budget

If you’re traveling for a company, make sure to go over company policies before you leave. Your hotel and transportation should be included as well as other necessary expenses.

Your drinks at the bar might not be considered necessary. You don’t want to return home only to find out you won’t be reimbursed.

If you have a company, communicate policies with your employees before they head out on their trip.

Be familiar with the relevant tax laws and deductibles. These can be more complicated than you think.

Here is information on taxes related to business expenses. Laws can differ from state to state and can change, so stay up to date and be prepared.

3. Research Your Destination

There’s no reason you shouldn’t enjoy your destination. If you have some extra time between meetings, swing by a museum.

Maybe your destination is famous for a particular dish. Or maybe there’s a local wine bar offering things you can’t find at home.

Researching the destination goes beyond just leisure, especially if you’re traveling to a different country.

You always want to be respectful of your client’s culture. Being familiar with the host country can make a huge difference.

Chatting about politics or religion isn’t a good idea, but you can impress your colleagues with interest in a local writer or artist.

When traveling internationally, always look up visa requirements and local regulations. What’s legal in one country isn’t necessarily allowed in another.

Make sure to check the exchange rate and be aware that it can fluctuate at the last minute.

4. Pack Efficiently

Pack as little as possible. The hardest part of business travel is ensuring that you have a professional wardrobe.

Make sure to take an extra set of clothes in case you spill coffee or end up with a long layover.

Laundry services at hotels are expensive, but they should provide you with an ironing board.

Keep a separate bag for toiletries. If you travel frequently, have your business travel bag ready to go so that you don’t need to pack and unpack.

Here are some tips on what you should and shouldn’t pack on a business trip.

If possible, avoid checking a bag to prevent waiting times. The only disadvantage to not checking a bag is that you can’t pack as many liquids.

Start collecting hotel samples of soap and shampoo. They’re usually travel-size and can be taken on the plane.

5. Use Your Travel Time

Flights and layovers are a great time to get some work done. If you have an upcoming deadline, try and get it done before the trip in case things go wrong.

Laptops and tablets are practical for travel, but going old-fashioned is the best way to go.

You never know if you’ll have access to an outlet or a good wifi connection. Books are great because they don’t have to be stored during take-off and landing.

Keep a journal with you. Notes can be typed up later and it can be handy if you need to write down an address or phone number.


Travel can be the best aspect of work. If all goes well, it’ll be good for business. Keep these tips in mind to ensure that happens.

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