6 Tips For Caring For Your Jewelry?

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A woman wearing a necklace around her neck.

From everyday use to complimenting your date night outfits, wearing jewelry is a great way to go all trendy. However, every piece of your bling collection requires care, regardless of being a pure Diamond or a minimalistic artificial piece. Moreover, the tips for caring for a bit of artificial jewelry are not precisely the same for a piece of diamond jewelry.

So, if you are looking for some tips to keep your necklaces or bracelets clean, shiny and protected, here’s what you need to do. Read on to discover the top 6 tips that can help you keep your jewelry clean.

Knowing When To Remove Jewelry

Regardless of the metal type, you must know when to remove your precious rings or necklaces. It’s true that certain stones, like diamond rings, are quite challenging, but they are not invisible. So, if you are using your hands to wash clothes or utensils or are required to come in contact with certain abrasive materials, it’s best to store your jewelry in a safe place.

You must also take off the jewelry in a swimming pool, while cleaning your home, when gardening or playing contact sports.

Always Put Jewelry Last

We get it; it can be quite exciting to wear your new pieces and see if they complement your outfit. But, contrary to the common belief, jewelry is actually pretty sensitive to certain chemicals involved in hair products, makeup and perfumes.

Therefore, it is best to add the jewelry after you are done getting ready.

Resist Wearing Lotion

Exposure to a hand and body lotion occasionally won’t affect your jewelry. But, if it is coming under constant and direct contact, the lotion might affect the quality of costume pieces. Moreover, the build-up lotion can also get accumulated near the jewelry, leading to more frequent cleaning, which will affect its toughness and quality.

So, instead of applying lotion while wearing the jewelry, try to put it on during the night.

Store Different Pieces Separately

When you visit a jewelry store in Seattle, did you notice how they store different metals separately? No matter how careful you are with your pieces, they can sustain damage in storage, especially when two entirely different metals keep knocking each other.

You should look out for materials like pearls, plastic, wood, precious metals and some gemstones. Also, never store silver and gold jewelry together.

You can store different metals using the following ideas:

  • Use a jewelry tree for necklaces and earrings
  • Separate cloth pouches for vintage jewelry
  • Individual cases for precious items like diamonds
  • Anti-tarnish jewelry bags for jewelry bags

Always Travel With A Storage Case

We bet you will need your precious items during your vacation. But, amidst the whole excitement, make sure you pack a jewelry case where you can safely secure your pieces. Simply tossing your jewelry can cause a great deal of damage. For starters, you might lose some stones, the chains can get tangled or worse, the hooks can be broken.

Buy jewelry rolls that allow you to store different metals securely and keep them tangle-free.

Make A Cleaning Kit

It’s helpful to have a kit that will store all your jewelry cleaning items in one place. Just take a small plastic container and add all the jewelry cleaning and caring materials like a jewelry-safe silver polish for silver-plated jewelry, a brush with soft bristles, glue for reattaching fallen gems, soft cloth for drying and cleaning, commercial jewelry cleaners for precious items, rubbing alcohol for cleaning hard gems or metals, Q-tips for hard-to-reach spots and a pair of tweezers.

Summing Up

If you are a jewelry enthusiast, it’s best to follow the above-stated tips to keep your jewelry clean and protected from harmful metals. Moreover, you must note that different metals require different care. So, before you get down to business, make sure you know what product to use for your diamond rings and sterling silver necklaces.

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