6 Ways To Keep Your Interior Design Child-Friendly

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Children are a blessing, and everyone would love to have them in their home. However, once these little angels step into your life, there’s a need for a lot of changes. One of the main areas that will require adjustments is your interior design. Of course, you need to make it as child-friendly as possible to avoid frustrations.

So, how will you design your interior in a way that’s suitable for children?  Well, there are many ways to do this, but they all depend on your preference. In this article, the discussion is based on some of the most common interior designs that will make your home child-friendly. Read on and invest in the changes while you still have time. 

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  1. Wooden Flooring

When talking about a child-friendly home interior design, two things that come to mind are child safety and ease of cleaning. Choosing the right flooring mechanism for a kid’s room or a home full of children might come with a few challenges of its own. Parquet or wooden flooring is, and by far, the best option for anyone looking to keep their children safe while not compromising on the beauty of their interior design.

But, why should you employ parquet flooring rather than other options, such as concrete?

  • Easy to clean: Anyone with a little kid knows how frustrating it can be to clean up the mess made by their little ones every now and then. A wooden floor will save you the vexation as it’s very easy to clean using a moist cloth.
  • Warm: Walking bare feet is a kids’ thing and you can’t deny them that freedom. A wooden floor is warm and they’ll enjoy playing and running on it. 
  • Durable: Parquet floors can’t easily be damaged because of their toughness. In case of any scratches, you can easily mask them through a bit of sanding.
  1. Beautiful Distractions Might Help

Do you have some fragile stuff in your home or a set of sophisticated art?  It can be quite difficult to prevent your children from getting to them. You’ll need to keep an eye on them every time they walk into the living room. Of course, that’s almost impossible and can inconvenience your daily chores. 

Therefore, you’ll have to use a little creativity to overcome this problem. Set up a few distractions around the house to attract the attention of your children. This way, they’ll be focused on these items rather than your ceramic sculptures. There are many techniques you can use, such as those employing toys and board games. 

  1. Which Blinds Should You Use?

Again, as you choose the types of blinds to install, prioritize the safety of your children. There are many manufacturers, like Make My Blinds, specialized in making every kind of blind. You can, therefore, contact them and order easy-wipe rollers or Roman blinds. These are two of the most fitting types of blinds for a kid’s bedroom or any home hosting young children. 

Easy-wipe roller blinds, for instance, solve the problem of little accidents due to grubby hands. Roman blinds, on the other hand, provide both a comfortable and beautiful space for your family. Kids love vertical blinds since they are easy to use,so they are a favorite family option. They’re a perfect alternative to curtains, especially for small rooms, as they offer less material. There are also pet-proof and modern vertical blinds to look out for since they have been quite popular recently. It also goes without mentioning that you need to be careful when choosing the color of your blinds.

  1. Use Area Rugs Rather Than Carpets

Carpets can be quite demanding when it comes to cleaning. As you know kids, they’re always on the move and always leave stains on your d or. Therefore, using area rugs might be the wisest move as they’re quite easy to clean. Also, the fact that area rugs are more versatile than full-room carpets is an important feature. You have the freedom to decide where to place your rugs and avoid disappointments that come with children activities, a limitation you’ll have to live with when using carpets. 

  1. Secure Bookshelves To Walls

Talking of safety and how playful kids can be, bookshelves should be the first thing in your to-do list. These things are very dangerous given the fact that children will always try to grab anything they see in front of them. The best way to avoid such accidents is to secure your bookshelves to the wall. Of course, every bookshelf comes in a different design. As such, you’ll need to work out a way to make the space child-proof. 

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  1. Consider Spacious Rooms

As your kids engage in their everyday entertainment activities at home, they’ll need enough room to play with each other. Therefore, if your rooms are somewhat squeezed, it’s time to make a few adjustments. In a compact living room, you have a lot of options to create a feeling of more space. For one, the furniture configuration can help in adding more space to a tiny room. 

Remember, you don’t have to keep everything if the size of the room doesn’t allow. Get rid of some unnecessary things in your living room and store them in places where they’ll not bring any inconvenience. Do the same for your child’s room as well, and make sure to remove all hazardous objects.

While redesigning your home, include a space for your children to read and chill. Like adults, kids can benefit from reading, looking at picture books, or just chilling out. By creating a zone specifically for this will encourage them to take some time off their physical entertainment activities. Perhaps, the simplest, yet effective, way to do this is by setting up a few floor cushions and book displays in one corner of the kids’ bedroom.


Whether you’re renovating or designing your home for the first time, child safety should be prioritized if you’re moving in with kids. One way of doing so is by ensuring that your bookshelves are secure, the right blinds are installed, and the floor is favorable to the little ones. In addition to safety, make sure that whatever you include in your interior design is easy to clean. For instance, choosing area rugs over carpets is a wise decision since the former are quite easy to clean.

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