9 Best Activities for Kids at Home

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Well it’s seems very hard to keep your kids busy at home when it comes to this era. This is the time of technology and kids want to get indulge with mobile activities all the time but it’s not good for their health. So here I will tell you some indoor activities to keep kids busy at home :- 

1: Hide and Seek: well this game is favorite of all the time. Even when I was a kid I lived to play this. So, no list of indoor games would be complete without Hide and Seek. Kids do love to play this game and this is most reliable and safe to play with kids to relax them.hide & seek.jpg

 2: Painting with Diamonds: Well it is very interesting and innovative technique recently introduced. Painting with Diamonds is quite interesting for kids as in this they are gives some stones, diamonds to paint with. As all diamonds are in multiple attractive colors so kids get involved and enjoy doing this. There are also diamonds painting kits available in markets. Well in this article I have discuss few habits or activities you should adopt to keep your kids at home. There are so many activities to keep them busy at home. These activities are not just to keep them at home but also to make them healthy mental or physically. So give time to your kids to make them feel real at home. Communicate with your kids and let them feel friendly atmosphere at home.paint with diamonds.jpg

3. Indoor bowling A great way to make kids busy at home is to use bawl. Kids love to play with balls and toys. So, it’s quite interesting activities to for kids to get indulge and make them easy and relax.indoor bowling.jpg

 4: Painting with numbers:- Well to paint with numbers is also an interesting activity, kids can enjoying this as in this activity they are given numbers and paints to creative something new out if it. paint with numbers.jpg

5: Challenges and Puzzles: – To enhance and polish your mind you have to take some challenges. So, it is important for kids to solve puzzles and face challenges. Kids can take challenges to keep their mind actives and also it can make them giggle. puzzles & Chalenges.jpg

6: Painting with papers: Painting is interesting activity for kids. Kids love to paint something on a paper so make them busy in this activity and let their mind be creative. Check model supplies australia for the best stationery.

7: Hunting and Finding: Kids love to find hidden objects — especially when it comes to get prize at the end. Place things at different places and ask kids to find the hidden objects. In this way the kids get to collect all objects and feel happy as he helped you in findings things.finding & treasure hunting.jpg

8: Pass the ball: – everyone would have played this game definitely in their life. It would be giggling for sure. Well in this game ask the kids to sit in a circle. Turn on some music and let them pass the ball around the circle as fast as they can. When music stops, the player holding ball would leave the circle. until only one player is left and wins the game it keeps going. So it’s fun making game for kids and elders both.pass the ball.jpg

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