6 Ways To Manage Your Mental Health During Pregnancy

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There is always a lot on any woman’s mind during pregnancy so it’s especially important to take care of your mental health. Prioritising self-care and other activities that you enjoy can help boost your mood, manage anxiety and reduce the added stress that naturally comes with having a baby. Read on to learn ways that you can help manage your mental health during pregnancy.

Manage Your Mental Health

1.  A Kind Ear

Having a chat with a friend or therapist is one of the most effective ways of managing anxiety. If the endless lists of pushchair options and breast pumps are giving you a headache or you’re just feeling a bit low, consider talk therapy. A kind ear can help lessen the sense of overwhelm that is natural during pregnancy and reduce your mental load.

2.  Expand Your Circle

Connecting with other pregnant women can provide a valuable support network during pregnancy. Signing up for antenatal classes is one way to meet other expectant mothers or try searching online for local groups. Expanding your circle of friends in this way can create a greater sense of emotional wellbeing as you will have more people to share your experience with.

3.  Self-Care

Self-care during pregnancy can include anything from soaking in a luxurious bubble bath to treating yourself to your favourite food or getting regular fresh air in nature to boost endorphins. A pregnancy massage or some reflexology can also help you relax, and a little rest and relaxation can go a long way in helping to manage your mental health during pregnancy. Pamper yourself with products that make you feel good and refreshed.

4.  Call the Midwife

Your midwife can offer valuable support during pregnancy, they can answer any of your questions, provide regular reassurance during your appointments and act as a sounding board if you just need someone to talk to. If you have an existing mental health condition or are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, you can also talk to your midwife or get in touch with Albury Wodonga Midwifery. They can help you find effective treatment and reduce the chances of longer-term health issues for you and your newborn. It gives a lot of women peace of mind to know they can just call their midwife about any concerns.

5.  Connect with your Baby

During pregnancy, there are many different ways that you can connect with your baby, from talking or singing to them to practising meditation or hypnobirthing strategies that focus on feeling your connection to your newborn. Feeling them move while putting a hand on your tummy is another important way to connect with your baby. Creating a bond with your baby during pregnancy can help create a greater sense of wellbeing.

6.  Exercise

Physical health during pregnancy is linked to mental health so it’s important to look after your body and mind. Many exercise classes are now tailored specifically to pregnant women so they can help keep you in good shape, as well as providing a great way to meet other mums-to-be. A few you can choose from include pregnancy pilates, yoga and swimming.

Key Takeaway

We understand that pregnancy can be an overwhelming time as well as a joyous one. We hope some of the above tips will help you to manage your mental health so that you feel happy and confident when your little one arrives.

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