7 Christmas Gifts for Your Gamer Child

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With the holidays almost upon us, now is the time to start thinking about Christmas gifts for your kids. Black Friday and Cyber Monday present an excellent opportunity to get deals and check off those more expensive items from your Christmas list. As my readers know, happy children lead to a happy life and Christmas is a great time to show them how much you love them.

For those of you with kids who are gamers, there are plenty of awesome items out there that they will love, which you might not have thought or even heard of. Below we will discuss all the possible Christmas gifts for your gamer child.

Super Mario Bros. Encyclopedia: The Official Guide to the First 30 Years

If your child grew up on the adventures of Mario, Peach, Luigi, Yoshi, Toad, and Bowser, this Super Mario Encyclopedia is an incredible tribute to one of the most famous and foundational video game figures ever. It covers all 17 Mario games over the three decades he blessed the gaming community, spanning from the earliest days of Super Nintendo to Nintendo Switch.

If your child is a gamer and you want them to read more, what better way is there to do that then encouraging them to read about their passion? This book is filled with beautiful illustrations, detailed level maps, and interviews with the creators of the game. This is a perfect stocking stuffer, especially if you are introducing them to the other Nintendo products below.

Nintendo Switch

As I’ve written previously, gaming isn’t actually a bad thing. For those of you who are considering introducing your kids to video games for the first time, Nintendo‚Äôs newest gaming console, the Switch, can either be played on its portable, built-in, tablet or cast onto a screen, making for a very unique gaming experience. Nintendo tends to focus on more family-friendly and appropriate games for kids. One such game is next on our list. It still has fighting and can be played in a group but is not gory or unsuitable for children.

Super Smash Ultimate

Super Smash Bros was one of the most popular games ever created for the Nintendo 64. This game allows various famous video game characters to duke it out in a melee-battle royale. Smash Ultimate will feature every beloved character from Smash history, but will also include new characters, stages, and attack moves. Few games are as fun to play in a group as Smash Ultimate.

NES Classic Edition  

For you dads out there who want to introduce your kids to the classic games you fell in love with, Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition comes packed with 30 pre-loaded games, including the original Super Mario Bros games and Legend of Zelda. These games are a blast and have simple mechanics, making them suitable for younger children and providing you with a perfect opportunity to play and bond with them even if you are not into video games.

PC Essentials

If your kid is a PC gamer and has built a custom gaming rig, it is essential that they also have a mechanical gaming keyboard, a gaming mousepad, and gaming mouse. These tools will help them take their passion for PC gaming to the next level, especially if they have aspirations of one day getting into Twitch Streaming or entering E-Sports.

Furmax Gaming Chair

If your kid is a PC gamer and spending hours at a time at their desk, a solid gaming chair is an absolute necessity. Furmax makes one of the better and more affordable gaming chairs on the market. This gaming chair comes in a comfortable and slick faux-leather that comes in a variety of colors. It offers excellent lumbar and neck support and as a bonus, it looks cool. You could also do a gaming chair comparison and buy the one that suits your needs. 


As I mentioned in my holiday gift ideas, consoles like the Xbox One S or Playstation 4 Pro are great gaming consoles for older kids or teenagers. Both gaming systems make for phenomenal gifts, and each one has its own exclusive games that are unique to the console. If they already have one of them, it might not hurt to get them the other since it opens up their gaming world to new titles, for example, PlayStation has exclusive rights to the Spiderman game.

BONUS: Bobblehead Figures

At some point, your child may grow fond of the characters they’ve followed or the game itself. As such, it’s normal for them to yearn for a collectible item like bobblehead figures of their favorite heroes. But instead of buying them straight from a shop, you can add a twist to it and turn it into an unforgetable present. Cheap Bobbleheads create custom hero figures to make it look like the receiver of the gift. Just send an image of your child, and they will sculpt the bobblehead doll and possibly add more features according to your specifications.

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