Why Gaming Isn’t Actually A Bad Thing

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Image Source: Kids playing driving games

We often hear about people sharing stories of how games and technology is pushing their children away, and while it is definitely becoming a must-have within most homes, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Technology is advancing, and that’s allowing us to do incredible things and changing the future forever. Plus, with gaming equipment constantly upgrading, you can easily get the lightest gaming laptop for your kids if you’re worried about them constantly carrying a heavy one around. Of course, you need to make sure you have a balanced set with children otherwise it’s very easy to abuse that and spend their whole lives looking at a screen, but once that has been established, there is no reason your children shouldn’t be allowed to play games. In fact, gaming can actually be rather beneficial to your kids in more ways than one.   

If you’re still doubtful, here are some examples as to why gaming is pretty darn good.

Encourages the dream

There is nothing better than watching a child’s mental creativity grow and blossom right in front of your eyes. Having a good imagination is so important, especially establishing it from a young age, because it means that your little one is developing just as they should. With apps like the

FFXV game, your child is able to create their very own kingdom and explore an endless world, hunt for hidden treasure, slay the monsters, and make friends.

Encourages determination

When you start a game, they will begin simple enough, and then gradually increase more and more in difficulty as you go along. Your child will be faced with various challenges that test their skills, strategy, and techniques. Now, regardless of how many times they may fail a specific mission or task, they have no option but to carry on if they want to complete it. This teaches them to keep pushing on and not giving up, instead, having a drive and determination to do better, and that trait can be carried through life forever.

Encourages hand-eye coordination

Depending on what game is played, will determine what areas your child will be improving in, but most things tend to test the hand-eye coordination, because they’re using their hands on the controller, and having to respond quickly and strategically to get whatever task done. Over time, their response time will only increase more and more until it becomes natural. You may then find that they are able to do other things better than they once could, be it activities in school, or even when participating in sports.

Now you have some examples, you may want to change the way you look at gaming. Of course, like anything, it can be abused and end up consuming your child’s life from morning ’til night, but just like eating naughty snacks, as long as it’s done in moderation, there should be no issue. Also, make sure that you still communicate as much as you can with your child, as you never want to lose that. Keeping the line of communication open from a young age will ensure you create a bond that isn’t going to be easily broken.

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