7 Mom Movies & Shows on Netflix to enjoy with Kids!

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Being a mom is a tiresome job. It takes a lot of courage and sacrifices to bring up a whole human being. But what’s even more important is to create a life long bonding with that being. Raising a person is as important as giving birth to them is. 

Bonding together is a part of motherhood, and when your kids grow up, you have to do things differently to create an impact. One of them is spending good quality time together, doing things together, planning outings together. 

We are not sure about the last option because we’re obviously in the middle of a pandemic. Why not do what almost everyone else has been doing the past couple of months? Movie time!

Bring out those jammies and popcorn and prepare a list of all the movies you can watch with your kids (if you are a mom) or vice versa. We have listed some of the best films and series that you can watch on Netflix USA with them. 

Since Netflix has a diverse and different library for all the regions, if any of these titles are not available in your region, you can use a VPN to change Netflix region and stream all the missing or restricted titles through your Netflix subscription.

Below is a list of 7 best mom shows and movies that you can watch with kids:


They say motherhood never ends; even if your children leave the nest and are on their own, motherhood remains. And so does their desire to celebrate Mother’s Day each year. But this year is different; this year, 3 best friends pay their sons a visit to New York City when they forget them on Mother’s Day. The visit soon turns into a rather memorable and life-altering holiday as the kids who were once childhood buddies reunite. A perfect happy-teary comedy you would want to watch with your mom. 


A perfect mix of coming-of-age films depicts the true nature of growing up and taking control of your life while you belong from a deeply family-oriented background. This leads to children butting heads with their parents on the choices they want to make for their lives. An inspirational watch for moms and their kids as they embark on their adulthood journey, whether it is about choosing a career of your choice or joining the family business. 

20th Century Women

Dorothea lives with her teenage son and a female tenant and neighbor who help raise her son in 1979, in Santa Barbara, California. All three women are modern, and in the era of cultural change and rebellion, what kind of impact they have on the only boy in the house. How are their opinions crucial for Jamie, and what lessons it holds for modern-day mothers. 

Life as We Know It

A romantic comedy that starts from a tragic turn of events. Eric and Holly have a mutual connection, a small family with a toddler. Eric and Holly disliked each other after a lousy date together; little did they know that life was going to throw a colossal curve when they had to take care of the baby after their best friends die in an accident. Co-parenting while hating each other may be the most challenging thing one can do, but anything can be possible when it comes to an adorable baby. A good-time watch for moms and kids, giving a reality check on what it takes for a parent or two to raise a child. 


You know you have huge shoes to fill in when your mom is an uber gorgeous beauty pageant winner, while you look nothing like her. But does it stop you from being a nice person? Or entering the beauty pageant just because you don’t have the “right” kind of body? Starring Jeniffer Aniston and Daniella Macdonald as Willowdean. The coming-of-age story revolves around numerous things, mother-daughter bonding, unrealistic beauty standards set by the world, body shaming, bullying, and, most of all, owning up to your identity, no matter how you look. 

Great News

Everyone loves their moms to death; well, I know I do. But landing an internship at your place of work can be a tad bit overwhelming. Who are we kidding, it can be disastrous! No matter how much we love them. A hilarious sitcom that targets the mother-daughter banter as both of them try to make things bearable for each other while at work without embarrassing each other or the other way round. 

Bad Moms

Humorous, entertaining, satirical, and a shot at portraying the not-so-perfect life of a full-time working mom with a big house and children. Overworked and exhausted, a break is all they need until the freedom gets a little too out of hands. Bad Moms is a fun watch that you can definitely enjoy with your mom while realizing the sacrifices and struggles it takes for a mother to manage the household while maintaining her sanity and identity as a whole. 

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