What Should You Teach Your Children While They Are Growing Up?

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The years between 1 and 13 of your children are some of the most important ones in their life. You are fully responsible for them during that period, and you should do your best to make them proud of themselves when they grow up. Here are some of the things which you should consider doing to make them grow up better than the rest.

  1. Teach Them To Play An Instrument

Music is art. It can take you from any place to any other place no matter where you are. There are a lot of different instruments you can teach your children. One of my favorites is the guitar and the piano. They are usually easier to learn because you can find a lot of free tutorials online on websites such as YouTube. 

For example, you can get yourself an acoustic guitar for less than $300, and find such guitars you should read buying guides such as the one linked above.

Learning to play the guitar (or any other musical instrument) helps improve your focus, your imagination and also boosts your creativity, so you should definitely consider getting your child an instrument.

  1. Urge them to play sports

Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, and Tennis are some of the best sports that you should get your children interested in. Most of them are free to play and can be played anywhere. A ball costs less than $5, and it’s a great way to burn some calories if your child is over-weight.

Basketball is a great sport because it requires a lot of movement and it also can help your children grow in height. There are a lot of basketball clubs everywhere in the world, and a simple google search can help you find one near to you. Registering your children in one of them can also make them more socialized, which helps with anxiety and other things.

  1. Teach them to cook 

You may think this is not necessary, but teaching them to cook can help them in many different situations. As I mentioned earlier your main job in life when your child is between 1 and 13 years old is to teach them all the necessary life skills required to survive. Cooking is one of them.

You should try to teach them to cook simple things such as noodles, spaghetti, eggs, and other things, so when they are left alone, they can easily take care of themselves.

  1. Hygiene

I can’t stress this enough. Hygiene is one of the most important things ever. You are responsible for their looks with things such as teeth, hair, cleanliness and more. For example, If your kid has crooked teeth, and he refuses to go to the dentist (that’s usually the case with children), you should insist and even force them to go there, because when they grow up, they will blame you that you didn’t take them to the dentist, because now their teeth look ugly.

  1. Teach him kindness.

Bullying is a real problem, and it happens everywhere. Instead of worrying if your child is being bullied at school, you should prevent him from becoming a bully. It can happen to anyone. Bullying is a serious problem and it can lead to some serious problems in adulthood. That’s why this should be one of your primary concerns.

Moreover, teach your child to always be kind. In a world that’s full of hate and violence. It’s tremendously important to teach children to treat others well and to stand for what is right. Only if we all teach our children to be kind to one another can we truly be in harmony with our fellow humans.

More than academic or sports achievement, we should pay more attention to our children’s growth. We, as parents, should also reinforce acts of kindness and maturity in different ways (like giving them an award, verbal affirmation, or support them) to show our kids that being kind is important.

Most importantly, model the behavior you want your child to emulate. If you want them to be kind, then be kind. If you want them to be courageous, then stand for what is right.

With that being said, you probably have an idea of what to do from now on, especially if your child is between 1 and 13 years old. 

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