7 Unique Baby Girl First Birthday Party Themes

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We now live in a world where everything has gone digital. Many people have enjoyed its perks, some are still getting caught up, and it has taken lives to the next level. The greatest thing that virtual reality has given us is the chance to celebrate lives wherever you are – celebrate victory, happiness, and special days even if you are away from your loved ones.

At a time when weddings and birthdays have become a virtual gathering, we know how frustrating it can be, so here’s a special gift for you – you can now easily create and compile your most treasured moments and send them to your loved ones anywhere in the world through group video maker, it allows you to create a video greeting effortlessly. It is fun, easy, and provides a great opportunity to turn any occasion into an amazing file full of joyful memories. Now, that being said, here’s one event that you might be preparing for right now, and we have exactly what you need.

Can you still remember your sweet baby girl’s first smile? Her angelic face can instantly brighten your day and make you feel how awesome life can be. Well, if you are reading this right now, then it’s most likely that it has almost been a year when you gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl – now, it’s time to prepare for her first-ever birthday party!

For the best result, it would be best to turn your anxiety into excitement and give your baby girl her well-deserved party. Any parent in your position feels the same way too – it’s normal. Don’t panic. If you’re wondering where to start, what to do, and what not to do – you’re off to a good start. Here are 7 unique first birthday party ideas for girls to get you started.

1.  Cutesy Gypsy

Think bohemian, colorful dresses, dream catchers here and there – now you’re wondering… she won’t even remember her first birthday, why do we have to make it a themed party? Simple, it’s fun! It is in the books and will be looked back on every Christmas or any other family occasion – now, those captured smiles are priceless.

This theme is borderline boho, so you can also opt for a full-blown luau and have fun with Hawaiian designs or a pool party. You have to remember that hosting a party also means giving your family and friends a great experience and happy moments to remember that day by.

2.  Retro Babies

One of the most exciting things about having a baby girl is that you’ll get to dress them up as your personal Barbie doll. So, why not have a throwback-themed party and take everyone on a trip down memory lane.  Make your party an event to remember! You’ve all heard of a Disney princess-themed party as well as making it a classic choice where you can never go wrong. But why not get your groove on and do a Grease-themed party instead? Watch those little Danny’s and little Sandy’s run around and dance along with some retro hits.

3.  Shades & Colors

We don’t want to overcomplicate things around here, so we decided to give you a safe choice on this list. If you’re a fan of aesthetics and minimalist designs, this must be the way to go. Just choose your favorite color and create a party with all its shades. Voila! Now you have a photo-op worthy party at its finest.

4.  Hansel & Gretel

One of the most classic children’s stories ever written – relive the moment when Hansel and Gretel first stepped into the house made of amazing treats. Think of having candy canes, gingerbread, cakes, lollipops, tarts, cupcakes, and many more. Make sure to give the parents a fair warning though, the last thing you need is to have a bunch of sugar-rushed kids at your home fighting over candies and pastries.

5.  United Nations Costume Party

Can you imagine kids playing in their Japanese kimono, Mexican hat, and perhaps a European drindl? Dress up your kids and have them represent a country of their parents’ choosing. Get ready for a bunch of photo ops all day because you will surely want to capture those cute kids in their national costumes. The best thing about kids is that they don’t choose who they interact with. All they want is to play and have fun – get to know as many kids as possible and see what they’re up to.

It is also a great way to introduce children to different cultures and allow them to be familiar with other nations around the world.

6.  Angels on Earth

Make your baby girl’s first-ever birthday party a heaven on earth experience by dressing her up like a sweet little cherub with a complete accent of wings and halo. You can also have a designated photo wall with a backdrop of the sky and clouds so the other cherubs can take a photo with your baby girl while wearing their angel costumes.

The parents should also dress up to match the kids – imagine your house or backyard full of people dressed up like Gods and Goddesses with a bunch of cherubs running around and playing while you all enjoy good music and great food. 

7.  Truly Fruity

This is the next level take on the Farmer’s Market birthday party theme. Include it in your invitation that all guests must be dressed up either as a fruit or a vegetable. You can also have a food corner featuring all kinds of fruits or salads that they can enjoy throughout the party. You can also have fun with a lot of designs and props for display.

There you have it, our 7 unique first birthday party ideas for girls that you can choose from for your baby girl’s first-ever special birthday celebration. At the end of the day, what matters is that you have been given the greatest gift of all and that alone is something worth celebrating every single day of your parenting journey.

On the other hand, we also understand and appreciate parents like you who take the extra mile of giving our little angels here on Earth the best experience as they grow up to be the fine person they are meant to be. Setting a good example for them and raising the bar higher as to how to treat children is the best way to let them know how much you cherish and love them with all your heart.

Make good memories that you will surely look back to. Capture happy moments and may it be a reminder of how your child’s happiness should be your top priority. Finally, have fun and make each day count. Whichever theme you decide on, don’t forget to capture the moments with Celebrate – easy to create, fun to give, and a joy to receive! Celebrations, whether grand or intimate, are worth preparing for, especially for the people closest to your heart.

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