7 Ways Low Testosterone Impacts Your Health And Wellness

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Testosterone has often been associated with men. However, did you know that women also have them? And if both men and women experience low levels of this hormone, they may suffer some annoying and sometimes dangerous health consequences.

You may want to continue reading to learn more about how low testosterone impacts your health and wellness.

It Minimizes Your Sex Drive

One of the most noticeable symptoms or effects of low testosterone is a low sex drive. In one experts review, it’s found that most doctors often deal with many people with low libido who have low testosterone as the primary cause. Aside from having a lower sexual appetite, people with this concern may experience fewer instances of erotic dreams, reduced sexual fantasies, and infrequent masturbation.

Take note that one of the primary functions of testosterone is to fill testosterone receptors in the amygdala and other brain areas involved in sex. With the lack of this hormone, a person with low testosterone levels won’t be able to fill these receptors. They may find difficulties in raising erections and other processes involved in procreation. 

It Reduces Your Muscle Density

Testosterone can help your body get into its muscle-building mode. It assists the body in assembling and forming proteins, which are required to create lean muscles. Experts refer to this mode as the anabolic state. Without testosterone, the body may have difficulties maintaining the anabolic state and may only stay in a catabolic state. 

During the anabolic state, the body can also have more energy, making it easier for a person to lift more weight and perform strenuous activities. And without it, if the person stays in a catabolic state for a long time, they can expect to lose muscle mass. 

It Can Make A Man’s Penis Smaller

If you worry about your penis size, you may want to ensure that your testosterone levels are in check. After all, if you have low testosterone, your penis may shrink. Remember that the tissues in your testicles, scrotum, and penis may shrivel or atrophy without the correct testosterone levels. You might even experience erectile dysfunction as well.

Thankfully, when your penis shrinks because of low testosterone, there’s still a chance to restore its original size through hormone replacement therapy (HRT). In some cases, even men with micropenises may benefit from HRT to increase their members’ size. However, regarding testicular shrinkage, HRT may not restore its initial volume.

It Increases Your Belly’s Size

Low testosterone levels can shrink a man’s private parts and increase the size of a person’s belly. When you have low testosterone, an enzyme called lipoprotein lipase increases activity. This enzyme is suspected to be why a person with low testosterone has bigger bellies as it helps produce visceral fat cells from lipids. 

It Weakens Your Memory

It has been found that low testosterone may affect a person’s memory and thinking. In a study, people with low testosterone for five years significantly degraded their memory and mental function. After all, it’s just not the amygdala and parts of the brain responsible for sex that have testosterone. The cerebrum and other brain parts related to specific functions and memory also have those receptors. So with low levels of testosterone, those parts won’t function optimally.

Low testosterone. Testosterone-the main male sex hormone, androgen, affects the development of bone and muscle tissue. The level of testosterone is dependent on physical activity, lifestyle, nutrition

It Messes Up Your Mood

Low testosterone can ruin your sex life and physical appearance, and when these two happen, your intimate relationship with your significant other may be negatively affected. And as a

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