9 Best Hiking Trails in the US

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America is a land full of natural beauty, from stunning mountain peaks to beautiful beaches and awe-inspiring waterfalls. The best way to enjoy these sights is to take a hike. Not only will you get to see something amazing, you will be helping your body as well. It’s a great source of exercise and it leads to better physical and mental health. If you are feeling the itch to hike, here are some of the best trails in the United States.

  1. Continental Divide

One of the longest trails in the country is also one of the most beautiful. A 3,150 mile long hike which goes through five states—New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana— the Continental Divide trail is a feat of endurance. To hike the entire trail, it can take an average of 5 months! On your hike you will get to see the full range of the Rocky Mountains and will deal with over 5,000 feet worth of elevation change. Be aware that there are some very difficult sections of the trail. There’s a reason why only a few hundred people have completed the entire thing. When hiking on the trail it’s recommended to bring a sturdy backpack with hiking equipment, plenty of water, and a great pair of hiking shoes for men or women. 

  1. Appalachian Trail

One of the most popular trails in the east, the Appalachian Trail is 2,200 miles long and crosses 14 states. Over 2 million people hike parts of this trail every year so be aware you might run into some traffic at some portions. If you feel like hiking the full thing, there are over 250 shelters available on the trail to help you on your way. 

  1. Halema’uma’u

The Halema’uma’u trail in Hawai’i is one of the most unique trails in the country. The trail sights range from an active volcano caldera down to a tropical rainforest full of rare animals and birds. It has unusual sights that you won’t find anywhere else in the country. 

  1. Charlies Bunion Hike

The Charlies Bunion Hike in the Great Smoky Mountains Tennessee is a gorgeous hike through miles of old-growth forests in one of America’s oldest nature preserves. It is an 8 mile hike with a moderate difficulty. There are a lot of water sources, so be sure to bring your bug repellant to avoid tons of bites.

  1. Chautauqua Trail

Chautauqua trail in Boulder Colorado, is a favorite of many Boulderites as there is easy access to the trail from the city, but once you are hiking it, it feels remote. This hike around the Flatirons leads to stunning vistas and beautiful views of the surrounding area, it is also very popular for rock climbers. . 

  1. Billy Goat Trail

A shorter 4 mile trail outside of Washington DC, this popular trail gives great scenic views of the Potomac River and it’s rapids. While this hike is on the shorter side, don’t forget your hydration pack and maybe a snack or two to keep yourself energized.

  1. Nugget Falls Trail

This trail in the Tongass National Forest is one of the many inside the park. This particular trail leads around the Mendenhall Glacier and the landscape around it. Sights running from forests, caves, and swampy bogs are available to see in the park.  

  1. South Rim Trail

Within one of the most famous parks in the county, The Grand Canyon National Park, the South Rim Trail is a 2.8 mile trail which offers gorgeous views of the canyon and the Colorado River below and is an easy hike which is great for beginners.

  1. Birthing Cave

One of the highest rated trails in Arizona, the Birthing Cave trail is a 2 mile hike near Sedona, Arizona with a cave you can pass through. Be aware that it is a moderate to hard hike and will require some effort. 

These are just a few of the many, many trails in the United States. All of them have their own particular beauty and show off the diversity and majesty of this country. 

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