9 Ingenious Gift Ideas for the College Student in Your Life

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Since the holiday season is upon us, it’s time to start thinking about gifts. While some people can be easy to take care of, students are notoriously hard to shop for since it’s almost impossible to keep up with all the changing trends. But here are a few ideas that are timeless and won’t miss the mark. 

Something for lazy students

Today, most students have online classes, so getting out of bed is not even necessary. However, to make work a little more comfortable, you can grab a lap desk for a lazy student in your life. With wooden panels and bolster cushions, this table offers both support and comfort and can be used on the bed, sofa or while traveling. Most models also come with pen, tablet, or phone holders so you never have to get up. 

Something to cure nostalgic feelings

Being away from home is hard, so you might want to treat a nostalgic student to a candle that will remind them of the place they grow up in. There are special Homesick candles with different scents for every state. However, if you’re not from the states, you can study your country or region, come up with a blend of scents and look for a similar candle online. 

Something to boost sleep

Students rarely get enough sleep for many reasons, noisy dorms being one of them. But if you grab them a pair of noise-canceling headphones, you can provide your students with a natural sleep aid. There are even special headphones designed for sleep, so look online and pick a pair that will fit your student the best. 

Something for party maniacs

College students love to party, nothing new, so why not give them something they and all their friends will love—a drinking card game. There are a few options on the market and all can be played in person or over Zoom calls so everyone can stay safe. Make sure the cards are made with quality materials so accidental spills don’t ruin them. 

Something to ensure healthy skin

Students in general, but nurses especially, often struggle with dry hands due to all the hand washing and taking notes. You can surprise the nursing student in your life with a nice skin-care package filled with natural hand creams and soaps. If your student struggles with acne caused by makeup, you can check out mists for setting the makeup while keeping skin healthy and hydrated. 

Something for tech geeks 

Students love to stay in touch with the latest tech gadgets, so why not go with 4th generation Echo Dot as a perfect gift for a busy student in your life. This gadget comes with a bunch of apps to experiment with so it can be used for a variety of things. It also has an LED display with time, timers and countdown (great for home exercise programs). 

Something for the students on the go

If your student is always on the go, a light travel bag will be the perfect gift for them. A compact duffle with long carrying handles and shoulder straps is suitable for everything from classes to workouts and trips back home. They also come in endless designs and patterns, so your gift might also be used as a chic accessory to their outfits. Another great gift for students that are often away from their dorm is a power bank. Something powerful yet compact will be a faithful companion during long lessons, commutes or other trips. It’s super important to stay connected right now without having to worry about running out of power. 

Something for busy yet hungry bees

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but students often choose to skip it because they are running late for their lessons. Not anymore! With a breakfast sandwich maker, you can provide your student with a quick and easy way to make a sandwich with everything from eggs and cheese to pre-cooked meat and veggies. In five minutes, they will have a balanced breakfast meal ready to eat or take with them. 

If you know your gift recipient is more into classic student meals like ramen, grab a handy ramen cooker for them. This gift will provide them with delicious soup and noodles from the microwave every time, just make sure to pick out something heat-resistant, durable and dishwasher-safe. 

Something for coffee-heads

Many students run only on stress and coffee, so ensure their java is always fresh and tasty with a cold brew press. This gadget will provide them with smooth coffee with rich flavors for up to two weeks (due to thick glass that ensures temperature stability). It’s best to pick out a model that can make both hot and cold brews and coffee and tea. 

Pick any one of these gifts and your student will love it and use it daily. And if none of these ideas work for you, you can always turn to cold, hard cash—it never fails! 

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