How to Use Candles to Revamp Your Living Space

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Every homeowner definitely wants the best for their homes. After all, it’s a lifetime investment that can be passed onto more generations. Along with this, homeowners put up tons of decorations to spice up their homes, making it look healthier and more aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. There are various themes for interior design to follow, and whether it’s vintage style, luxurious and neutral, with a metallic finish, or simply minimalistic, one should always prioritize the creation of a pleasant ambiance inside the house for its residents.

However, most homeowners forget one element that is highly essential to their homes: candles. Candles can be used in different ways inside your living space. Not only do candles serve as ornaments, but they also create wonderful dim light, and scented ones can give off a warm and cozy fragrance that brings more comfort to a home.

Here are some ways you can revamp your living space with the use of candles:

Bedroom Candles

Being tired from work, you will most likely prefer lying down on your bed with dim lights and a relaxing ambiance. Scented candles are one of the best ways to help you relax after a long day. Simply place candle holders on your bed frame and you’re ready to light them up. Be careful, though, as it can burn fabric on your bedsheets and pillows. You can mix and match different colors and sizes of candles to make it look more appealing.

Also, you can install a small shelf adjacent to the wall where your bed is situated, then add a few candle holders and succulents. In this way, there are fewer risks that your bed can become burned. You can also set the candles on your bedside table with a bottle of wine and a few glasses for an additional romantic touch. For extra reflection, place a mirror opposite the candles and enjoy the view.

Living Room Centerpiece

Depending on the theme and style of your living room, match them appropriately with your candles of choice. If you can’t find the exact candles that complement the design, you can spice up store bought candles on your own.

One of the best accents to add to your home is to place scented candles in your living room, which is the liveliest part of the house. Place the candles at the center of your coffee table and add more ornaments depending on the theme of your living room. You can add rocks, stones, and artificial grass and flowers to mimic the appearance of a beautiful garden.

If you don’t have a fireplace in your living room, you can bring it to life by only using candles and textures. Similar to the previous idea, you can put up different sizes and textures of rocks, stones, and pieces of wood to represent a fireplace. As you type documents in your laptop or read your favorite novel on the sofa, the scented candles will provide you with warm radiance and a relaxing scent.

Bath Lanterns

As the bathroom is one of the places that should be well-maintained and sanitary, you can enhance it with scented candles to add a more wonderful scent, as well as radiance. Choose the best candles with the most amazing candle scents that can fuel up your mood and productivity just before starting any activity. You can install the candles inside lantern cages and hang them up your bathroom ceiling, with varying lengths to create an assorted look.

Moreover, if you don’t prefer to hang them up, simply place them on the shelf with enough space beside your bath accessories. You can also place a small table beside your bathtub, adorn it with ribbons by surrounding the candle with cinnamon sticks, and finishing it up with a ribbon of choice. This will give off an extra scent spiced up by the cinnamon. While taking a bath, you can enjoy the heavenly scent and warm glow, plus an additional glass of wine.

Dining Room Accents

If you love dim, romantic lights while having dinner with your loved ones, then decorating your dining table with candles can be a perfect choice. You can invest for an affordable yet luxurious looking candelabrum to place at the center of your dining table. Choose between a simple candle or a scented candle that can stimulate your appetite.

On the other hand, if you have unused wine glasses or goblets in your cupboard, these can serve as alternatives for a candelabra or candle holder. Spice up the glasses and goblets by adding a few embellishments like false birthstones and eco-friendly glitters, as it will reflect through the glass and emit a twinkling radiance akin to the stars in the night sky.


There are countless possibilities and ideas in which you can use candles to spice up your home. There are candles with different shapes, colors, and sizes to match your mood and personality. Candles are the best proof that you don’t need an expensive interior designer to make the most out of your living experience, as using creativity and imagination can bring you a warm and elegant experience inside the comfort of your own home.

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