9 Must-Have Tools for Resin Art Enthusiasts

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The resin trend came about because of awesome videos of resin craft projects posted on social media. People find satisfaction with resin being poured or glitters being mixed on every video project posted, the same pleasure that pimple popping video gives many people. This is because the brain releases dopamine, the happy hormones when looking at the videos, and elicits a sense of satisfaction.  

As a result, interest in resin grew, and small enterprises selling resin earrings, coasters, paperweights, wedding favors, and paintings emerged. You can see them on every e-commerce platform, selling like hotcakes. 

In 2020, restrictions started taking effect because of the pandemic. Many people needed something to keep them busy to take away the stress from what was happening in the world. During this period, the plastic and resin manufacturing market was huge but rose to USD$97.5 billion by 2022. 

Many resin enthusiasts began to dive into making resin arts, and many were unsuccessful initially because they weren’t aware of the proper tools to use. Resin art is an exact science, and everything needs to be accurate and precise. Also, utilizing the correct tools is crucial to the project’s success. To give you a better idea, here are the tools you need to make resin art:


Whether you’re making resin jewelry, paperweights, or coasters, you need a mould to shape the resin perfectly the way you want it to be. You can begin by making your own moulds or buy a ready-made one from a crafts shop. Although, there is something about making your own since you can be creative and specific on the details you want your mould to have. 

2.Respirator Mask

When working with something synthetic, you need to be sure that you protect yourself. Resin is made from plastic and can emit harmful substances when heated. Even if the resin container indicates that it’s free from volatile organic compound (VOC), many swear that they still have difficulty breathing after exposure. 

VOCs may be present in resin; thus, you need a respirator mask to prevent the fumes from inhaling and harming your lungs. Moreover, wearing a respirator mask will protect you because prolonged exposure to these harmful fumes may result in upper respiratory infection. 

3.Disposable gloves

Resin is a very sticky substance and to prevent it from getting to your skin, wearing gloves is imperative. Although, many resin enthusiasts stress the importance of choosing nitrile and powder-free gloves. Instead of using latex gloves, it would be best to select the blue nitrile ones since this is more durable and doesn’t easily break. Also, surgical gloves sometimes irritate the skin of those sensitive to latex. 

It’s also essential to use gloves without powder. Although the powder makes the interior of the glove more comfortable, there’s a tendency for the powder to escape and go to your resin project, which would be frustrating to remove since the powder is very fine. 


It would be best to wear an apron to prevent the resin from getting to your clothes. Alternatively, wearing your old clothes is preferable since resin craft could be very messy. 

5.Scrunchie For Your Hair

Many people would wonder why, but strands of your hair could come into contact with your resin art, and after all the hard work, a strand of hair can ruin the beauty of your project, so you’d better tie your hair or wear a cap. 

6.Plastic Drop Sheet

Your work surface needs to be protected, so laying a large piece of plastic drop sheet so drops of resin that will get to the surface can quickly be taken out after it has dried. Peel it away, and you can reuse the sheet over and over for your projects.

Pouring glitter pink resin to mold , process of prepare for make an accessories


Resin flows freely when you’re working with it, and when the table you’re working on is not leveled correctly, your resin craft project will be lopsided. It would be best to use a leveler tool to ensure your surface is flat.

It’s ideal to use a microscopic bubble level for small resin craft projects and a straight level for larger projects. You can even download an app on your phone to guarantee the surface you’re working on is flat. Place your phone on the surface, and it will tell you if it is flat.

8.Mixing Cups And Sticks

Mixing cups are crucial for resin craft projects since measuring the quantity of resin and hardener can’t be eyeballed. There’s even a plastic measuring cup specifically used by resin enthusiasts. It already has the measurement and various ratios required by your specific project. Remember only to use plastic since it’s easier to clean after using and more compatible for the activity than glass or stainless steel. 

The sticks are also necessary for resin craft since you use the stick to blend the mixture thoroughly. You can use wooden popsicle sticks since it’s sustainable, but plastic stir sticks are preferable since you can reuse them many times. 


Sometimes you can’t avoid small particles from getting into your wet resin art. Some pieces of paper will go flying and land on your project. An easy fix while the resin is still wet is to use tweezers to take out those nasty trespassers. 


Resin art is something to keep you busy and creative, and you can even make good money out of it. Making beautiful works of art from epoxy resin is pretty straightforward, but ensuring you have an impeccable outcome can be guaranteed by using the proper tools. Some tools are already available in your home, while you can make some out of simple materials. So, plan your project and begin working with resin to keep you busy and earn money. 

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