Black Garlic for A Unique Taste and Aroma: Here’s How to Buy It

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Not many people have heard of black Gilroy garlic. It is a powerhouse in its own right that’s quickly becoming essential in many kitchens across America. Grown through unique cultivation methods that have been altered over the years, black garlic has a lot to offer compared to traditional varieties of garlic.

This special garlic variant is most commonly grown in the garlic capital of the world, Gilroy, California. Besides providing the benefits of traditional garlic, like a boost in immunity and rich nutrient density, this variety also makes an exceptional addition to many recipes. 

What Makes Black Gilroy Garlic Unique?

The Gilroy garlic is grown under the supervision of expert agriculturists who’ve spent years refining and cultivating different types of this herb. It is fermented under a specific temperature and humidity-controlled environment, which adds to its flavor profile and changes its appearance.

Traditional garlic undergoes this process for up to 90 days to become black in color and richer in taste. It adds a rich umami flavor that is reminiscent of sweet balsamic vinegar. Many people also prefer to eat this type of garlic raw, just like candy. 

Variety of Ways You Can Use 

The aging and fermentation process of this garlic makes it a powerhouse of nutrients, antioxidants, and umami flavors. Many cooks add it to normal dishes like pasta and pesto that require traditional garlic.

Black garlic also makes a superb addition to a range of soups, pizzas, and roasted vegetables. You could also eat it raw, as it doesn’t have the pungent, strong taste of traditional variety. Add it to a marinade or hummus to let the natural raw flavors shine. 

Look for a Well-known Supplier

When you’re looking for the best way to get black garlic to your doorstep, you have to go through a selection process with multiple suppliers. Since this variant of garlic is primarily grown in Gilroy, you should look for suppliers that ship it directly from the location.

Since this garlic is organically grown, you also want to ensure that the supplier is not tampering with the raw ingredient with chemicals to preserve it for longer. An ideal supplier should be able to ship nationwide throughout the year directly from Gilroy. 

Find a Trustworthy Source to Get Superior Quality Black Garlic

Whether you’re looking for a snacking option or an ingredient that can be the main star of an entire dish, this garlic is perfect for both.

You can find multiple options when you’re choosing to buy garlic, from getting one-pound boxes to getting up to 48 bulbs when you’re choosing a supplier shipping directly from Gilroy, California. Shipping is available throughout America, and you can choose the method most convenient for your location. 

Try the garlic out in a small quantity if you’ve never tasted it before, ordering larger amounts. You can store it in various ways by making it into a pesto or blending it and storing it in the freezer. You can store garlic for a long time before its taste starts becoming bitter.

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