Buying Chaga Mushrooms in Australia? Know These Health Benefits

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Chaga mushrooms are recently becoming popular due to their impressive health benefits. They have come into the spotlight as various products from Chaga coffee, supplements to Chagachaga tea. These superfoods are spreading everywhere.

You may be questioning the popularity of Chaga mushrooms in Australia and other countries. How can they benefit your health? What are the advantages? What is all the fuss about? Get to know answers to all these questions in this post below.

But before jumping right into the benefits of Chaga mushrooms, let us learn more about them.

Chaga mushrooms

What are Chaga mushrooms

Jogging mushrooms grow in cold climates and can be found in the Northern hemisphere. They are mostly found in Russia, Silveria, Scandinavia, and some parts of North America. They often grow on birch trees and can live for 10-20 years.

These mushrooms may not have a beautiful appearance, but their health benefits cover it all up. They have fruitful benefits. They have been used for about a century in Northern European countries and Russia as folk medicine.

It is even said that Romans used mushrooms as medicines as they imported birch from Europe. It was then used to grate the mushroom to powder form to make its herbal tea.

Health Benefits Associated with Chaga Mushrooms

Enhances Immune Health

A healthy immune system is a root for overall health. In these pandemic times, there has been a greater highlight on keeping a healthy immune system. Chaga mushrooms have proven to be highly beneficial in supporting immune function. The compounds found in these mushrooms, called polysaccharides, play the main role in offering this benefit. These are the long carbohydrate molecules that function in improving the conversion of food into energy in the human body.

Carries anti-inflammatory properties

Evidence suggests that Chaga mushrooms have the properties of boosting immunity by decreasing inflammation.  Studies also show that Chaga has the capability to foster white blood cells. As a result, Chaga mushroom powder can help fight infections, harmful and bacteria. 

Some diseases like chronic conditions are connected to inflammation. Studies say that the conditions that aren’t counted as inflammatory are somewhere due to inflammation, like depression. Chaga is responsible for stimulating cytokine production that can control inflammation.

Slows down the aging process

Aging starts to appear physically due to oxidative stress such as fine lines, wrinkles, gray hair and sagging skin. Exposure to pollution, sun and other damaging sources develops free radicals that neutralize the body and fasten aging.

Theoretically, providing more antioxidants to the body can slow down this process and even reverse the aging signs.

Although no studies have proven the anti-aging properties of Chaga, its properties to fight different forms of oxidative stress may be linked to the anti-aging features.

Prevents or fights cancer

Researchers are increasingly suggesting that Chaga mushrooms can slow cancer or prevent it.

Since Chaga mushrooms are rich in antioxidants, they stop the growth of free radicals. Oxidative stress may lead to cancer and other diseases too. Chaga mushrooms, due to their antioxidants, can stop the growth of oxidative stress.

Additionally, Chaga has several more benefits like lowering blood pressure, blood sugar, preventing drug side effects, and more. Get Chaga mushrooms in Australia and get access to all these health benefits.

How to choose the best quality Chaga product in Australia

When looking to buy top quality Chaga supplements in Australia, there are important considerations when approaching medicinal mushrooms. While this industry is in its infancy in Australia, many sellers are entering the market, where quality takes the backseat to profit. The team of environmental scientists and health professionals at World Mushroom Society recently released some guides on how to find the best Chaga powders. According to this Chaga buying guide by World Mushroom Society, the best chaga mushroom supplements must contain 3 things:

1. Beta Glucan amounts on the label

2. Dual Extraction to extract the triterpenes such betulin, betulinic acid, and lupeol

3. Organic production with a certificate of analysis

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