Emotional support pets vs service pets: what’s the difference?

Due to the fascinating nature of animals, man has taken interest in keeping animals around as pets and companions. Over time, these pets have evolved into being more than just pets, as they can now give emotional support to their owners or render some services. This development has caused certain questions to arise. Knowing that animals no longer serve as just pets, people want to know the difference between emotional support animals and service pets. There are certain differences between … [Read more...]

How to Find & Choose a Dog Trainer

According to the American Kennel Club, dog training is rooted in a physiological technique called operant conditioning like any other animal training. Based on the technique, almost every accomplished individual working as an experienced dog obedience trainer says finding and choosing the best dog trainer can be challenging for seasoned and beginner dog owners. Choosing and finding a good dog trainer for your pet is based on factors such as your ability to relate your dog's natural … [Read more...]

7 Important Factors to Consider Before Giving CBD To Your Pet

CBD is used to treat various conditions such as anxiety, pain, epilepsy, or loss of appetite. Today, there is a growing popularity of giving CBD to pets when treating these conditions. Dogs have an endocannabinoid system that allows them to benefit from its healing properties. The cannabinoid in CBD-based products offers a natural path to recovery without risking side effects. However, before deciding to use CBD on your dog, there are essential things you must consider. Know where the CBD … [Read more...]

Private Jet for Relocation of Pets During Coronavirus

If traveling in style is a priority for you, then it’s important that you include your pets in the experience. They’re members of your family and deserve that added luxury just as much as you do. The height of luxury travel is hiring a private jet and many families will jump at the idea of having their loyal pooch or faithful feline companion flying right alongside them. So, how to go about it?  Why is it Appealing to Have Your Pet Alongside You on the Plane? Because your pet is part … [Read more...]

Things You Should Never Say to A Dog

In daily interactions with dogs, you see many dog owners use words or phrases that make expert dog trainers cringe. Sometimes these words are too vague for the dog to understand; other times, the words are harsh and cause damaging effects in dogs. Owners use these words probably because they are inexperienced, distracted, or not adequately trained.  Training a dog is easy and if you are searching for reliable dog training in Buderim find them here. This makes interaction with your dog much … [Read more...]

5 Tips To Keep Your American Staffordshire Terrier Happy

For those aspiring dog owners who are looking for a dog breed that’s perfect for cuddling, frequent playtime, and best companion for outdoor activities, then you may be looking for the American Staffordshire terrier! Before you misunderstand them from myths you may have read or heard from other people, the American Staffordshire terrier is actually perfect as pets due to their extreme loyalty and affection to their owners.   What Makes An American Staffordshire? The American … [Read more...]

Top Reasons to Buy A Calming Dog Bed

Are you preparing to welcome a new puppy to your home? You might be considering a lot of things to make it feel at home. Dogs too feel anxiety. They like secure places. The little dog might feel the absence of its mothers and siblings. You need to put an effort now to make it comfy. Your love, attention and an Australian Made Calming Dog Bed can play a remarkable role.  Reasons That Can Compel You to Buy A Calming Dog Bed: Stress Relieving: You can’t take care of your dog all the … [Read more...]

Life Lesson Kids can learn as a Pet Owner

Do you deny the fact that having a pet brings more happiness to the family? As it turns out, it is one of the easiest and a simple way of family bonding. Every household with kids has positive energy that helps in the upbringing of the next generation. At its core, owning a pet is not just a hobby for many but the reason to stay closer to their family. Kids these days are so infused with the digital screens, that they have almost lost the sense and purpose of true bonding with their parents … [Read more...]