Chopped Cheese Sandwiches Recipe

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Before you get confused about what a chopped cheese sandwich exactly is. Chopped cheese sandwiches originated in New York and are a staple street food that’s quite popular across the country.

Since its inception in New York, chopped cheese sandwiches were initially sold at smaller shops called bodegas. So that’s where they gained their popularity from.

What makes a chopped cheese sandwich different from a standard burger is its construction. It traditionally includes all the staple ingredients in a burger, including burger patties, American cheese slices, and toppings of choice.

But why is it called a chopped cheese sandwich instead of being called a burger, then? We will discuss all of that in detail in this particular article.

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About Chopped Cheese Sandwiches Recipe

 Chopped Cheese Sandwiches Recipe

As we just mentioned, a chopped cheese sandwich is more or less a burger since the ingredients are pretty much the same.

The recipe calls for burger patties, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese slices, etc. So, what’s the difference, then?

The reason why

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