Crafting With Kids: Tips for the Beginner

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When it comes to spending quality time with your children, there’s something about crafting that makes it a go-to. Crafting is a great way to allow your child’s imagination to soar while also being able to spend time talking with your child and learning more about them. However, for the mom (or dad) who isn’t an avid crafter yourself, sometimes crafting with kids can be a little less than perfect. However, if you dream of making memories with your child and building great things, then it’s a good idea for you to craft like a professional. Here are XX tips for the beginner when it comes to crafting with kids.

  1. Get organized.

One of the very first things you should do before crafting with kids is to get organized. Have a set place for your crafting items, whether a closet, a drawer, or a full-blown craft room. Then, be sure to organize these areas as much as you can by labeling, organizing, and cleaning. Closet cleaning ideas like using bins and organizing by type of craft item could help you find exactly what you’re looking for when the crafting starts. Plus, having everything organized also makes it easier for your child to clean up after himself or herself. This way, they not only get to have fun, but learn the importance of cleaning up after themselves as well.

  1. Keep your child’s age in mind.

Be sure to keep your child’s age in mind when it comes to crafting. For instance, a very hard craft—such as sewing—when your child is little will deter them from wanting to continue the task. At the same time, a very easy craft for children who are older may also be boring. Be sure you’re looking for crafts that fit your child’s age. Turn to websites like Pinterest to help you find the right projects that will work well for your child. In addition, your child’s age is important when looking at pieces. For instance, if the craft has a lot of small pieces, it may not be the right idea for a young child. When you can put your child’s age and their skill level at the forefront, you’ll be sure to pick something that they’ll enjoy doing.

  1. Put safety first.

While you don’t want to hover over your child when it comes to crafting, it’s important you put safety first. Don’t let small children use pointed scissors without being monitored, and make sure you’re paying close attention when your child uses glue or other adhesives. No matter what the craft may be, it’s very important you put safety at the front and use this as a time to teach your child about the importance of safety during crafting.

  1. Take necessary precautions.

You’ll be amazed at the mess your child can make, so always take necessary precautions. When doing crafts, it’s a good idea to put down newspapers or an old tablecloth on a table you don’t want to ruin. If possible, you may want to do your crafts outside where it doesn’t matter if you make a mess. Be sure to look around the area you’re going to craft in and take the precautions you feel are absolutely necessary. Taking this time at the front end of the craft will be worth it should your child spill something.

  1. Don’t obsess over the craft.

While creating something great is supposed to be the outcome of the experience, you can use crafting for so much more. Instead of focusing solely on the craft at hand, use this time to get to know your child. Ask him or her questions, such as their favorite color, favorite food, or what they want to be when they grow up. Getting to know your child and spending this time together is the most important, so keep that in mind as you craft.

  1. Be happy with the outcome.

No matter if your child follows the instructions to the T or goes off the rails, just be happy with the outcome. Crafting is a time for your child to explore their creativity, so just be happy with whatever end result they come up with.

Spending time with your child while crafting is a great way to spend time together and create something great. And when you use these tips, you’ll be extremely happy with the memories you created with your child—and you’ll be making them happy as well.

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