Dog Paintings: The Advantages of Keeping Your Pet’s Memory Alive

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Dog pictures deserve a place on the walls and tabletops along with the images of family members. After all, dogs are not just pets, companions, or guardians of the house; they are part of the family.

Although we love them dearly, we cannot change the fact that their lives are shorter than ours. Losing our beloved pets can be just as heartbreaking as losing a human loved one. We have to accept the hard truth, however. The least we can do after our pets leave us is to keep their memories alive.

Dog paintings are a great way of preserving your pet’s memory. Being able to see your pet every day, although not in his actual form but rather a representation of him, can help ease the hurt we feel.

Here are a few good reasons why you should a dog painting:

Helps in overcoming grief

As I have said, losing a dog is very heartbreaking, especially if you who grew up with your dog. You may feel like a part of you also died.

Having something to remind you of your pet may lessen your sadness and grief. A dog painting can help you remember them on days when you miss them so much but you can also buy cremation jewelry to hold a pet’s ashes. On days when you walk into your house and suddenly feel an emptiness because of the loss of your pet, seeing the painting can lift your mood.

A smiling painting of them would poke a hole on your raincloud and let a bit of sunshine fall through. Your pets may not be with you physically, but you know that they are there in spirit (and in painting).

Provides a chance to connect more with other family members

The little ones in the family can be significantly affected by this loss, too. Who knows how much their little hearts can handle when it comes to losing a friend they came to know ever since they were born. Encourage your kids to share their feelings, so they don’t bottle it all up inside. Arrange arts and crafts sessions for them to create an image of how they remember their furry playmates.

Hanging the painting on the wall can be another activity for you to bond over. You can plan where you want to place the painting. Then, you can help each other put the holes on the wall and mount the painting there, all the while conversing about your favorite memories of your beloved dog.

Boosts creativity

There are plenty of ways to keep your pet’s memory alive. You can do DIY crafts or have them professionally made. If you are an artist yourself, grief is a good motivation to do what you’re best at. It could be your way of expressing just how much you miss your beloved furry friend.

For non-artists, there are always other options for you. You could have your dog’s picture memorialized in a painting by professionals, such as Colour Pet Studio. You can hang it on a wall in your house where you get to see it often. It’s not just a painting of your pet, but it can also be a beautiful part of your interior decor.

A Conversation Starter

In art galleries, museums, or exhibits, art pieces can be great subjects for a discussion. Dog paintings can be great conversation starters, too, when you have guests coming over to your house.

Proudly displaying a painting of your dog in your house can attract onlookers. You will get a chance to tell them great stories of your adventures with your dog.

Whether the cause of your loss is because of death or because you had no other choice but to give them away, keeping the memory of your dog helps in relieving the ache of missing them. More than just photographs, dog paintings seem more personal. The amount of time and effort one had to put to create a painting can symbolize the love and care that you have for your beloved pet.

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