8 Facts You Need To Know About Margaux Wines

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Chateau Margaux or commonly known as Margaux wines are another classic example of Bordeaux winery invention. Along with Lafite Rothschild and Haut Brion, the Chateau Margaux is also considered as the wine label that Bordeaux has ever made. In fact, Margaux wines are being dubbed as an “Epitome of Elegance”.

Margaux wines are described as wines that ensembles like a Cabernet blend. It is also even called as the most supple and polished red wine the Bordeaux regions has ever crafted. Technically, when you talk about the overall quality of Margaux wines, it exudes a true power of masculinity with elegance. These wines are mostly combined with sensual textures from all elements added to it along with super velvet tannin content.

Furthermore, each Margaux wine is crafted in all regions of Bordeaux following numerous distinct sizes, shape, prices, and styles. Each Margaux wine is described to have silky textures and excellent floral elements. This is the main reason why Margaux wines are considered as a true “Epitome of Elegance”. Most Margaux wines are also known to produce a very tannic and strong taste which really appeals to someone who’s tasting it.

So, as you go along and gets excited to grab a bottle of Margaux wine, let’s us show you some facts about Margaux wine labels. These things will ultimately help you in bringing yourself closer to what Margaux wines can really offer. These facts will also help you assess in considering a Margaux wine for your next food and beverage purchase.

It Exists For More Than 300 Years

Margaux wines have been circulating in the market since 1885. It was the only wine to get a perfect rating when it comes to popularity and taste during the dominance of Napoleon III. Though its popularity had started way back in 1885, years before that these wine label has already gained its elite status. Moreover, there were already vintage Margaux wines circulating in the market both in Bordeaux and London.

Thomas Jefferson Made It Popular

Thomas Jefferson is a former President of the United States of America. Long before he became a President, he was sent to Paris as a successor of Benjamin Franklin who served as a Minister of France. During these days, Thomas Jefferson was given a task to make a hierarchy of wines where he considered  Margaux wines to be on top which means it’s the best wine label he tasted in Bordeaux.

“Margaux” Means Elevation

The vineyard where Margaux wines are being planted and harvested was initially called “La Mothe de Margaux”. This was derived since it signifies an elevated vineyard different from the common flats you can observe in all Medoc region. Take note that Margaux wines in the sole wine label that Bordeaux has which created a name out of its appellation.

It Sets Trends For Every Vineyard Production

The production of Margaux wines are intricate and vineyards in Bordeaux are carefully following a process to produce a perfect bottle of this. While they are solely working on this, they are also the first one who created modern vinification techniques that every vineyard is now acquiring. They are also the first wine to vinify white grapes and red grapes separately which is now a standard of every vintage wine production.

It’s Owned By  A French Wealthiest Woman

In 1970, the Bordeaux market experienced crisis due to the decline in wine sales. During this time, a businessman named Andre Mentzelopoulos acquired Margaux amounting to $17 million. After that, his legacy was followed by Corinne Mentzelopoulos during 1980. During her time, he made a $1 billion business out of Margaux wines. Nowadays, it is considered to be one of the multi-billion dollar companies operating all over the world.

It Has The Most Expensive Bottle That Was Not Sold

During  1787, Thomas Jefferson included a collection of Margaux wine which comes to have the most expensive price. It is valued at around $500,000. The reason why this wine was not sold is that by the time William Sokolin, a wine merchant who brought this wine to dinner, one of the servers knocked out the said bottle which eventually broke into pieces.

Margaux Wines Are Mostly Organic

During the development of Margaux wines and up until today, their vineyards had used organic farming methods. Starting from their vines, their accessories, the fertilizers, soils, and etc., Margaux production has gone way too far of defining what organic farming means. In fact, nowadays Margaux wines have extensively earned various praised every vineyard due to their ability to maintain an organic way of farming.

All Margaux Labels Are Authentic

During 1989, Margaux wines decided to attach a laser signature to each bottle. This is to make sure that they get rid of counterfeiting at the same time, consumers can ensure that they are drinking authentic Margaux wine labels. These unique bottle signatures are derived from algorithms that only Margaux wines know.


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