Florida’s Online Gambling Laws Are Becoming Ineffective Thanks To Offshore Casinos 

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Gambling laws are tricky, across the U.S and Florida is no exception to this rule. Technically speaking, online casinos are prohibited in the Sunshine State, but there are many sources that redirect you to ‘offshore casinos’, which seem to be serving as a clever loophole for these harsh legislations. So, with the presence of these offshore casinos, do Florida’s gambling laws really function within the state? 

Legalities Regarding Gambling

This is an interesting question to ask, and we were very curious to find an answer. So, we turned to a trusted source of ours to ask the question, “can you gamble online in florida?” to try and get an answer. If you’re looking to gamble at a land casino, then the answer would be yes. You can legally gamble in the state of Florida by taking a trip to a casino, playing a game of poker or trying your luck at a slot machine, but the law states that you cannot gamble online. However, there is the possibility of using offshore casinos to gamble while you are residing in the state of Florida. So, technically speaking you CAN gamble online in Florida. This makes us wonder, where does the law come into play? 

Age Restrictions 

The first case that we will be making to explore the reasons why offshore casinos could possibly trump Florida’s laws would be the gambling age set by Florida’s law in comparison to the offshore casinos. If you would like to place a gamble within the state of Florida legally by visiting a casino or using a slot machine, you can do so at the age of 21, the same will apply for legal sports betting once it makes its way to Florida state. With offshore casinos however, you will be able to play a vast array of games and bet on any given number of sports from the age of 18. This makes the technicalities of Florida’s law seem pretty redundant in this regard. 

Using Real Money vs Free Play

There are two ways to play at casinos; you could either play for real money or else you could play for free. Although the main point of gambling would be to win some cash prizes, some individuals would like to get a hold of how things work before they invest their money. With online gambling, you are given the option to do both. With the current laws for gambling in place in Florida, you will need to go to a casino and spend money, so many people would probably much rather opt for offshore casinos so that they will be spoilt for choice. 

A Wider Selection of Games 

Casino games are available at all of the online gambling sites in Florida that can be found using offshore casinos. With the legal gambling scene of land casinos in Florida, gamblers are able to play slot machines. This holds the title of being the most popular game in the state. When venturing to offshore casinos, slot games, as well as roulette, blackjack, and more are also available. This means that individuals using offshore casinos have a wider selection to choose from by comparison to their ‘legal’ counterpart.  There is also the option of playing with a live dealer, which can be done using a camera to see and interact with the dealer. In Florida, online casinos are still illegal and there are no plans to legalise them in the near future. However, the offshore gambling websites allow users to play online casino games, acting as the perfect escape clause from the gambling laws. 

Plenty of Bonuses to Choose From 

Another reason why offshore casinos are rendering gambling laws in Florida ineffective is probably due to the infamous bonuses that keep attracting players towards these sites in the same way a bee is attracted to pollen, eager to make bee pollen. These bonuses act as an effective marketing strategy to keep players enticed, as is common within the world of online gambling at large. It is the goal of online gambling establishments for players to join their space. Simultaneously, bonuses act as a huge benefit to gamers, since they provide them more money to play with. Bonuses are frequent and take on many forms which makes them a much more attractive candidate in comparison to their legal equivalent in the state of Florida for the time being. 


It has become evidently clear that despite the fact that there are presently no legal online gambling sites in Florida, offshore casinos seem to be a clever alternative that are keeping people within the state satiated. Many people are eagerly awaiting the first online sportsbook to open its doors as a result of new legislation which will elevate things dramatically for Florida’s residents. However, the fact that Florida does not presently have a legal online casino, and does not plan on opening one in the near future does not seem to be a fact that hinders participation in online gambling in the state of Florida. 

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