From Nourishing Your Baby to Nurturing Yourself: Self-Care Tips for Breastfeeding Moms

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As a breastfeeding mom, caring for your body and baby is essential. Breastfeeding can be one of a woman’s most fulfilling experiences but it also requires constant focus and attention. That’s also one of the reasons why many moms don’t breastfeed their neonatal. Research shows that 10% to 32% of mothers never breastfeed their kids.

It’s easy for new moms to become overwhelmed with all the demands on their time, especially when they have other children at home who also need their attention. But regardless of the reason, it is vital to breastfeeding your child.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), breastfeeding benefits both mother and baby. Hence, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months.

This blog post will share tips on taking better care of yourself while breastfeeding your baby.

Schedule Self-Care After Your Baby Is Asleep

Breastfeeding moms are often told to schedule self-care during the day, but what about at night?

Once your baby is asleep, it’s easy to go into “mommy mode” and start making and cleaning up after dinner. But if you don’t take time to care for yourself, you’ll be more likely to burn out and less likely to be able to breastfeed successfully.

To ensure you get all the rest you need, it’s important to schedule self-care after your baby falls asleep. This will allow you time to relax, exercise, or spend time with friends or family without worrying about whether or not your baby needs something from you.

Limit Screen Time

Screen time is not good for kids, and it’s not good for adults. Screen time among adults has kept increasing over the years. According to recent research published on the NCBI website, Americans use their phones for an average of 28.5 hours a week.

Another analysis of a study published in the Frontiers journal shows the numbers to be even higher, showing an increase of 60% to 80% in screen time. It can be addictive and cause anxiety, depression, social isolation, and sleep problems in children and adults.

First, recognize that the problem isn’t just TV or video games. It’s any kind of screen-based entertainment; phones, computers, tablets, and even e-readers are all in this category. Limiting your screen time can benefit you in a lot of ways.

Get All the Help You Need From a Professional Midwife

If you’re struggling with breastfeeding, a midwife is a great resource. They can help with issues like sore nipples and engorgement and emotional support. Ask your doctor for one if you don’t have a midwife or doula. They’ll know who to refer you to.

Suppose you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of this information and just want someone who will listen without judgment, reach out to someone close to talk about what’s happening in your life. You might not think it’s possible, but having other people around us makes us feel less alone when we start feeling down about ourselves or our situation.

Midwives solve a large number of problems, like maternal mortality. The US has a maternal mortality rate of 17.4 out of 100,000 live births. However, there are only a few midwives in the US. According to data from Zippia, there are only around 7,004 registered midwives in the USA. Hence, you must select the right one to work with.

However, finding a good midwife offline can be challenging, considering your condition. Hence, it is best to go with an online consultation with a midwife. You can easily talk to a midwife online. This will help you get answers to all your queries and give you peace of mind.

Plan Some “Me” Time

There are so many things you can do for yourself to help you relax and recharge. You don’t have to spend a fortune, either. Here are some ideas:

1) Take some time out of your day to do something you enjoy. This might be as simple as listening to music or reading a book, or it could be more involved, like taking a bubble bath or walking in the park with your baby.

2) Plan so that you know what activities will keep everyone entertained during their visits from grandma or grandpa. If everyone is coming over at once, maybe play games together or make cookies instead of just sitting around talking about how much work it was getting ready for Christmas dinner at home.

Escape Your House for a Little Fun Time

Get out of the house and do something fun to make time for yourself. You can go shopping. You can even go to a department store, where you don’t have to buy anything if you don’t want to. Just browse the clothing racks and try on clothes in different sizes, colors, patterns, and styles until you find something that makes you feel great about yourself.

Go see a movie on your own or with friends. If there’s an indie film festival near your home, check it out. Or go see an old favorite at one of those theaters with $5 matinee prices all day. Or just rent something off Netflix. It doesn’t matter what movie as long as it helps boost your mood while giving back some free time from parenting duties during which no one else needs attention from their mommy.

Alternatively, you can also have dinner at home alone or with friends who won’t mind taking turns feeding themselves while chatting away about whatever comes up in conversation. All of these can help you relax and care for yourself and your body.

Eat Healthy

A healthy and balanced diet can do wonders for you and your baby. The thing is that since your baby is dependent on you, the more nutritious diet you consume, the better it will be for your kid.

Here are some tips for eating well:

1) Eat various foods from each group. Make sure to include one serving of green leafy vegetables every day.

2) Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and avoid drinking soda or sugary drinks because they can make you thirsty later in the day. Breast milk contains at least 87% of water, so you should have lots of water or vegetables containing the same.

3) Eat breakfast every morning. It will keep you fuller longer throughout the day. Try making breakfast burritos with scrambled eggs and salsa, fruit smoothies with yogurt or cottage cheese, or oatmeal topped with berries & nuts for a satisfying morning meal that’s easy to prepare before heading out the door.


We hope these tips help you take care of yourself and your baby. Remember, breastfeeding is a beautiful experience, but it’s not always easy. If you’re feeling stressed or anxious about breastfeeding, reach out for support from others who have been there. They may have some great ideas on how they got through their struggles with self-care during those early days of motherhood.

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