Fun activities you can do with your friends and family on Easter

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Easter is a fun holiday that everyone looks forward to. Children decorate Easter eggs while adults set up for the scavenger hunt. Regardless of so much going on the day of Easter, things sometimes do get dull and boring. Bring your friends and family together for some fun activities everyone can do on Easter. And make memories that will last up to a lifetime.

–         Host an Easter bingo night. This is fun for both adults and kids to join in.

–         Decorate the empty windows of your house using washable paint. You can even make teams and turn this into a fun competition with prizes for the winners in the end

–         Buy plastic eggs or use real eggs and have a paint-off with the rest of your family. You could also make pairs, and the opposite person could hide their egg while the partner searches for it. The team that finds each other’s eggs first wins.

–         Hide Easter eggs filled with treats all-around your house for kids and adults to find throughout the day. Bonus tip hide eggs with adult surprises in paces children can’t reach so only adults find them.

–         Gather your family around and have each child read or act on their favorite Easter story. Children feel more involved in holidays this way, and it is entertaining for adults to hear children excitingly speak about their love for the Easter bunny

–         Have one of your family members (who doesn’t mind being swarmed by kids) dress up as the Easter bunny as a fun little surprise for the children

–         Get yourself some Easter cookie cutters and make easter-inspired cookies for everyone.

–         Like Christmas, get yourself a small tree that would be decorated with the aster eggs all the children and adults have decorated and painted by using them as ornaments.

–         Make everyone sit and make their own Easter basket and decorate it the way they like it. Reuse all the paper and cardboard going to waste in your house. This way, your children will learn about recycling as well as have a blast on Easter

–         A night before, tell all the children to live out a carrot and an empty basket for the Easter bunny at night. Nothing beats the excitement of children waking up to half the carrot gone and Easter basket filled with goodies.

–         Make Easter baskets with necessities and hand them out to people in need and homeless people to make their holidays a tad bit better. What better way to celebrate a holiday than by giving back

–         If you live in a place where Easter parades are common, try to gather all your family up and go and enjoy an Easter parade.

–         Teach the children about the real meaning behind Easter by telling them the story of The Easter Story Egg or Resurrection Eggs.

  • Another enjoyable Easter activity for friends and family could be coloring in, and decorating Easter eggs. This provides a creative outlet that captures the spirit of Easter holidays.
  • You can host a lunch or dinner for your family or friends that is themed around Easter. Such as, bunny and egg decorations that appeal to the children. This can turn out to be a fun experience for the hosts as well as the guests.
  • Another fun activity could be to have outdoor games as well, such as an egg and spoon race, or leap-frog/ bunny races. Another fun game is an egg push. This involves each player to roll an egg with their nose to the finish line.
  • To build up excitement for Easter, both adult and children alike can have their Easter themed advent calendars which countdown the days till Easter arrives. Each day till Easter, a fun activity is within the advent calendar.
  • A fun activity can be to fill up egg shaped pinatas filled with chocolate and candies that children can take turns smacking around till it breaks and showers them with candy and sweets.
  • Friends and family can also occupy themselves in making chocolate sculptures. Each person can be given a bar of chocolate which they have to carve within a set timer. Whoever makes the best sculpture can get incentives like a head start in the Easter egg hunt.
  • Easter egg hunt and other fun activities can be tiring, a way to combat this is by having a lemonade stand that can provide a refreshing beverage to everyone involved in the celebrations.
  • A classic game called pin the tail on the donkey can be altered to pin the tail in the bunny. You can blindfold children, and hand them tails to see who gets closest to pining the tail to the bunny.
  • Another classic activity is watching classic Easter related shows and movies with the family, movies like

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