Getting Tangled In The Chaos Of Prosciutto? Here’s How to Fold Prosciutto With Elegance

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Charcuterie seems incomplete without the delicate touch of Prosciutto layered on top, meticulously folded into flowers and fans. The pretty-looking Prosciutto flowers with their classy and elegant design can charm any occasion.

The Italian Ham comes with an impeccable balance of salt and sweet layers, while its creamy texture simply melts into bursts of flavors the moment it is kept in the mouth. 

Building a Prosciutto board is exciting, from a layer of salty Italian ham, to a seasoning over a thin-crust pizza, to adding a crunching accent to Pan pizza; it adds life to any dish!

They go well with every occasion like wedding reception, baby shower, bridal shower, and Christmas. With just 4 ingredients in their catalog, they are the most simple yet elegant, classy, and tasty dish everyone would adore. 

It only takes a very few easy steps to turn a few Prosciutto into roses. Some people love turning Prosciutto roses for appetizers but you can also use them for cocktails. It’s easy to make lovely garnishes from them as it is traditionally served with Olives. 

But this is not it!! If you struggle with folding them up, then this is the right place for you!! As we tell you every way of how to fold Prosciutto.

What Is Prosciutto?


Prosciutto literally means “ham” in Italian. Cured ham is known as Prosciutto Crudo, whereas cooked ham is known as prosciutto Cotto. Enjoyed in thin slices, Prosciutto is a large cut of meat coupled with a sweet meaty flavor. It also has its own pleasant edge of saltiness to it, and a smooth buttery texture that adds to its taste.

Prosciutto Crudo has a long history dating back to pre-Roman times. It all started when people tried to supplement their meat supply during the long winters in Italy and began dry-aging pork legs. The craft of creating Prosciutto has evolved over time. The art is now recognized in Italy and throughout the world.

How Is Prosciutto Made?

How Is Prosciutto Made

Premium pork legs are used to make prosciutto. After being salted, the meat is given time to rest. During this period, the salt meticulously pulls out blood and moisture to prevent bacteria from accessing the meat (it can be enjoyed raw as well). When meat is salted, the flavors are concentrated more. 

After the resting period is over, the pork hind legs are hand-washed and seasoned. The ham is then covered with a lard mixture to ensure that each leg dries properly. The following step requires patience because the pork legs must dry-age for 14 to 36 months. The meat is kept in airtight cellars with little light.

The flavor of Prosciutto varies depending on the stage of production, which distinguishes it from other Deli meats.

How To Prepare Prosciuttos For Folding? 

  • Make sure your prosciutto is divided by wax paper or plastic. It will be quite challenging to separate the prosciutto slices if they are not neatly divided in the box.
  • Dill is more attractive the fresher it is. In New York, at least, you will find that dill can lose its freshness as soon as a day after purchase, so always make sure to buy it the day of the event.
  • A pastry piping bag is absolutely necessary. We would strongly advise piping the cheese rather than spooning it on. It appears considerably more sophisticated and polished when piped. Cut a little hole in the bottom of a sandwich bag to create a similar look if you don’t have a pastry piping bag.

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Fold Prosciutto Into Charcuterie Board? 

Prosciutto Roses

You can’t go wrong with prosciutto roses, whether you make them for the charcuterie board or just serve them as an appetizer at your dinner party. They are simple to create, look lovely and give your board a touch of elegance.

Here’s a simple way-

  • Unfold one prosciutto sheet. 
  • Fold the long side up by a third. Repeat.
  • Roll one end of the dish and slowly curl upward until you have successfully reached one-third of the length.
  • Pick up the prosciutto with care, roll it again, and twist it to give it more shape.

 Prosciutto Fans

Here’s what to do- 

  • Prosciutto should be spread out on one sheet.
  • Fold lengthwise in half. Starting with one side, fold the prosciutto over the long piece by about 1/2 inch. 
  • The other side should be folded the other way. (In the same way that you did when you were in elementary school and folded a piece of paper into a fan.)
  • Once all of the prosciutto has been folded, stop! 
  • Place it on your plate by pinching the bottom.

Prosciutto Ribbon

  • Unfold one sheet of prosciutto. These are arranged similarly to the fan on the charcuterie board, but straight up. 
  • Now it’s time to group various ribbons with another to present prosciutto in a lovely and elegant way. 
  • A ribbon alone has a lot in common with a carnation.

Prosciutto Seashell

  • Unfold one sheet of prosciutto. Create a triangle by folding the edge’s one edge.
  • Now, it’s time to fold the next corner to make a new triangle. 
  • Roll the bottom tightly and the top loosely after you have rolled half of the prosciutto sheet. 
  • Lastly, make sure it resembles a seashell.

Let’s go cooking!! Now that you have learned different styles of cooking Prosciutto. So, you have learnt to prepare it, but do you know what to serve prosciutto with?

Ways To Serve And Store Prosciutto?

How Prosciutto serve

Prosciutto pairs well with creamy cheese, goat cheese, fresh mozzarella, fresh fruit, salami, folded deli meat, meat flowers, and other types of meat on your upcoming snack boards. This well-liked selection of edible flowers can be easily displayed on a lovely board, such as an olive wood cutting board. It’s also a fantastic topic of conversation!

For your next dinner party, you can opt for a charcuterie board or an aesthetically pleasing cheese plate grazing board elegantly coupled with meat roses like pepperoni or salami makes it a great addition. A wine glass and some cured meats, preferably Italian meats, are the best ingredients for making these. Additionally useful at cocktail parties, these make excellent cheese boards, holiday boards, and appetizers

After all that learning, you must be wondering how to store Prosciutto? Simply wrap your Prosciutto well in plastic wrap and set back in the refrigerator once you’ve cut it to your satisfaction. Keep it away from strong odors, such as onions, as these might alter the flavor. The limb can last for two months or perhaps longer if it is wrapped and preserved in our recommended manner.

Moreover, they can be prepared an hour in advance and stored in the refrigerator for an hour before going bad, but if you choose a more stable cracker, like a Ritz or even a cucumber, they would stay much longer.


There are numerous ways to fold prosciutto strips. It is possible to make prosciutto roses. Or Prosciutto rosettes or cheese wrapped in prosciutto. With a salty and Prosciutto exterior, the soft cheese center is irresistible. Whatever you choose, we truly hope this guide of how to fold Prosciutto helps you make elegant dishes. 


Should I substitute salami for the meat?

Prosciutto is the best-sliced meat for little roses like these. They do not unravel or rapidly dry out. However, you could also use other thinly sliced meats, such as ham.

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