Going Back To School As A Parent – Consider These 3 Important Factors

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Education is an indispensable instrument in securing your future. In establishing your career to create a better life for your family, you may decide to go back to school even while you have kids. Whether you decide to complete your undergraduate degree or pursue graduate studies, it’s essential to plan out your next move. Here are some things you must consider.

Career Goals

The first thing you should consider is your career goals. These goals will determine your professional growth and future work plans. It’s important that you have planned this step at the outset. You may decide to pursue your studies in your chosen career or take a totally new course of study. If you’re planning to pursue higher education, keep in mind that you do have to take graduate school entry exams.

However, if you’re planning to make some career changes, knowing your educational path is also essential. Consult with the program coordinators in your chosen school to know more about the appropriate course or program you need to pursue. Afterward, you should study and prepare early for the school’s entrance exam to ensure success in following your chosen career path.


Returning to school involves additional costs which can be overwhelming. Even so, if you’re determined to finish your degree, there are ways that can help you get the needed financial support. These can include scholarships, grants, student loans, as well as federal aid.

There are various private companies, nonprofit groups, and different government programs that will help parents go back to school.

  • You can apply for financial aid to the Federal Student Aid through FAFSA.
  • You can also check the Department of Education in your location to know more about financial aid options.
  • Learn more about various financing options from the school’s financial aid counselor.
  • Find out from your employer if you can avail of tuition reimbursement.
  • You can also seek for industry-specific organizations that offer various grants and scholarships.

In returning to school, it’s important to know what expenses to expect. Here are the things you’ll need to spend money on:

  • Tuition
  • Books and school supplies
  • Child care
  • Computer and internet
  • Transportation

Support Network And Time Management

Your support network is among the many things you need to consider when going back to school as a parent. This can refer to anyone who can help you in your plan to return to school such as your spouse, parents, friends, siblings, or colleagues. Your support network will help ensure that you receive all the needed back up while you’re studying.

Their support can be in any form. It could be their effort, time, money, or love. It would be better if you let your support team know if you need help. Your support team is there to ensure that you are taking all the necessary steps to finish your degree.

When you’re a parent, going back to school can be more challenging as you’ll be juggling your time between school and home. To help you achieve your study goals without compromising your responsibility as a mom or dad, here are some things you can do:

  • Get Reliable Childcare. The security of your kids while you’re studying should be one of your topmost concerns. Knowing that your kids are well taken care of will help you worry less while you’re away. Some campuses offer subsidized child care while others may provide off-campus daycare centers. You can also check with your college website for local childcare references.
  • Improve Your Organizational Skills. It can be especially difficult to beat requirements and assignment deadlines when you have children to take care of after school. Staying organized can help ensure that you stay on top of your tasks. Thankfully, there are various resources you can use to organize your time including study apps, calendars, as well as trackers.
  • Get Only Enough Credits. If you are also working more than 20 hours per week, it’s best to get fewer credits. This way, you will not be overwhelmed with work, studies, and family combined altogether.

Final Thoughts

Planning and careful consideration of your career goals, finances, support team, and time management skills are crucial when going back to school as a parent. 

Evaluating your career goals will make certain that you stay on the right path and not waste time and money studying a course you wouldn’t need in the long run. Assessing your financial options will help make your dream career a reality. Having a great support system will also aid in boosting your morale and emotions especially during tough times. Lastly, wise use of your time will contribute a lot to achieving your goals.

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