Great Summer Activities For Kids

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If someone asks you what part of your childhood you would want back today, a lot of the answers would be the fun-filled summers. Summer is the best season for all sorts of recreational activities. The slippery snow in the winter and the constant fear of your mom that you will catch cold limits your outdoor activities, hence you are stuck in the house for most of the day.

In these times, activities in summer are a must, otherwise, the children spend a lot of their time on the screens, which is not good for their mental and physical health. Every parent knows the importance of keeping a balance between the two. Nevertheless, here are some activities that you can use to keep your little one busy during the hot days:

  1. Swimming In The Backyard
     If you do not already own a kiddie pool, buy one this summer. Swimming and having fun water-based activities in the backyard are sure to keep them engaged while you work or relax inside the house. You can install the pool in the garden area. If your house already has a swimming pool, you will not need to invest in anything further. Water balloon fights or swimming competitions or water gun fights can be a great source of entertainment for them.
  1. Art And Craft
     Every child has a hidden talent in them, to mine the gem inside their minds you need to dig in their creativity zone. To do that you will need various art and craft supplies. But arranging different materials from different places can be costly for you. What you can do is opt for a monthly craft subscription box. These boxes are delivered to you in the mail and come with all the necessary material and instructions for that following week’s activities. This can be a source of learning for you and your children too. And once your child has developed his or her interest in any activity towards the end, you can enroll them in classes to further polish their skills.
  1. Open Up A Stall
     You can help them make kids-friendly recipes like lemonades, squashes, sorbets, Popsicle, or even ice creams and help set up stalls outside your house to make a sale. This will engage them in business activities, polish their kitchen skills, and even math skills. It will help them learn a sense of responsibility towards money and the importance of savings. All in all, it will be a super fun and engaging activity as they will attract customers in their cute ways.
  1. Build A Mini Fort
     Put all those old and dainty blankets to use and build a fort as big as your kids want in the living room. If they plan on an extended vacation and want to live in their fort for a longer period, the best suggestion is then you build it in their rooms! Fill the fort with pillows and art sculptures they have made over the years. And ask them for a tour of their fort. Listen to their made-up stories about their ancient civilizations and act as if they are real civilians.
  1. Plaster Of Paris Or Play dough Sculptures
     You can make homemade play dough or even bring in the ingredients of plaster of Paris and make it at home as per your requirement. They can make flower pots, utensils, and even different DIY using these products. Then as per their choice of color, they can paint it and use it accordingly. You can also teach them how to block print using differently textured materials found all over the house like leaves, jute, and many other such things.
  1. Take Their Help In Gardening
     Gardening is one of the best ways to bring them closer and to teach them about nature. You can show them various seeds and help them learn what plant it grows into. They can dig in with their tiny hands in the soil and place seeds for the growth of a fresh new plant. Remind them daily to water their plant and keep a check on its progress. This way they will learn a lot about the plantation and taking care of their things.

Summer is the pioneer season to make children learn about stuff all around them while engaging them in fun-filled activities. Do not waste their primary years by making them sit in front of the screens. Limit their time online and try to make them spend most of their time offline. These activities will surely help you do so.

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