Halloween Themed Cocktails

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Halloween Themed Cocktails

Halloween is just around the corner, as much as we all love a pumpkin spiced latte one has to admit that it just isn’t enough for the after party of trick or treating. Assuming you are the friend who hosts after-parties, we have just the list of Halloween-themed cocktails for you. 

All the cocktails are easy to prepare and have a very vibrant color that would make your friends go gaga over your bartending skills.

Coming straight from a witch’s cookbook, prepare yourself for trouble.

Blood Punch

This is a perfect Halloween drink for a punch bowl, it offers both quality and quantity. Apart from that, it is also quite easy to make. 


  • Cherry juice
  • Chili
  •  Cinnamon
  •  Ginger
  • Vodka/White Rum

How to Make- Not a lot of effort is required in making a punch bowl, just add the ingredients to taste, add your desired alcohol base and stir it. There you have it, a bloody fun drink for your guests to indulge in.

Bloody Mary

Surprise, surprise? What is better than a classic bloody mary for a Halloween party. It’s a well-known drink, sure. But it has all the elements that a perfect Halloween party needs. 


  • Tabasco sauce
  • hot sauces
  •  garlic
  • Herbs
  • Horseradish
  • celery, olives
  • Salt
  • black pepper
  •  lemon juice
  • lime juice
  • celery salt
  • Vodka 

How to make- add Tabasco, salt, and pepper in a highball glass, follow that up by adding the rest of the ingredients. Top it up with ice cubes and stir it gently. Garnish with celery and a lemon wedge.

There you have it, a perfect bloody mary, originating from terrifying folklore. Some people also prefer a white rum or tequila-based bloody mary. Make sure you ask your guests about what base they prefer.

Vampire Kiss

This is one of the most popular drinks for Halloween, if you google recipes for a Halloween party then this one makes a recurring appearance. There is a good reason for its popularity.


  • Raspberry liqueur
  • Vodka
  • Ice Cubes
  • Frozen raspberries
  • Red sugar for the garnish (optional)
  • Champagne

How to make– Take a chilled martini glass, it can be a cocktail glass too. Add the raspberry liquor, vodka into a shaker and add a couple of ice cubes and raspberries. Shake it until your hands are freezing by holding the shaker. If you have decided to use the colored sugar then dip the rim of your chilled cocktail glass into cold water and then into the sugar. Strain the cocktail into the glass and top it up with champagne.

Goblin Potion

This is the spookiest drink that there is on our list. It has a lot of potential for a Halloween party. It’s easy to prepare and has a soft, bright green color to add to the eeriness. 


  • ice
  • crème de menthe
  • white crème de cacao
  • single cream
  • mint sprig
  • melted chocolate (optional)

How to make– Start with making the garnish, take the spring of mint, and put it in the base without its leaves. Take the shaker now and pour all the ingredients there with ice. Strain it in the small cocktail glass. Garnish that with a chocolate-dipped sprig of mint.

Eye For an Eye

The idea behind this drink is that your guest will be spooked out thinking they are drinking from a glass that has a human eye in it. It won’t be an actual human eye but this touch makes it look the part for a spooky Halloween after-party. 


  • Pack lime jelly 
  • Cocktail stick
  • Apple & pear juice 
  • Lemonade
  • Lychees in syrup
  • Cocktail cherries
  • Raisins
  • Vodka 

How to make–  Make the jelly and let it chill until it’s time. Pour the apple and pear juice, lemonade, and vodka into a large jug. Let that solution chill too. For the eyeball drain the lychees and then poke a hole in each cherry with a cocktail stick. Put a cherry inside every lychee and then push the raisin into the cherry. Prepare each eyeball individually and then once the jelly is set, break it up into small parts. Put the alcoholic mixture and jelly in cocktail glasses and then put eyeballs into each glass.

Dark Stallion Cocktail

This is a classic cocktail for a Halloween party, it’s also the easiest of them all. Its simplicity is what makes it extraordinary. Thematically it fits in its taste and its aroma.


  • Vodka
  • Coffee liqueur
  • Ice
  • A Maraschino cherry
  • Chilled coca-cola (optional)

Put the vodka and coffee liquor into a mug and top it up with ice. Stir that softly for 40-60 seconds, add a cheery and then serve. You can also top it up with chilled coke if you are ready to drink all night.

Hope this list helps you make a statement on your spooky Halloween party, happy trick or treating.

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