Have Kids, Will Move: How to Make Family Moving Day a Snap

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Most Americans move house at least once in their lives — but that doesn’t mean that it’s always an event that goes smoothly. Not only are 80% of U.S. residents struggling with debt, which can make buying a new house and paying for a move more stressful, but there’s a lot that can go wrong on moving day. That’s especially true if you’ve got kids in tow. But just because you have little ones around doesn’t mean you’ll need to derail your plans or experience massive delays (and possible meltdowns). Here are a few tips to help family moving day be as uneventful as possible, even when you have children to worry about on top of everything else.

Pack Necessities Separately

It’s always good to clear out the clutter before you ever pack anything up. You can form two or three piles, fill a few bags or boxes, and separate items you want to throw away or donate. After you’ve taken care of that, you’ll want to set aside the necessary items that you’ll likely rely on right away after you’ve arrived at your new abode. Since it’s often difficult to find things after a move — and you’ll likely be exhausted when you get there — you’ll want to have the must-haves handy. That includes anything that your kids might need right away. If you keep these items separate from everything else, you’ll be a lot less stressed during travel and once the movers leave.

Pack By Room

You’ll also find it much easier if you pack and label by room, rather than by item type. This can make packing and unpacking much easier, as it can keep you on schedule when prepping for your move and allow you to keep track of what you need more reliably. Since the average size of a traditional kitchen is 100 square feet, you’ll be able to determine whether your storage can accommodate everything you’re bringing or whether you’ll need to get rid of some items before you arrive. It’ll be simpler to keep track of your children’s items if they’re separated by room, as well.

Stick to a Schedule

Children find comfort in regular routines, which can easily be disrupted if you’re in a rush to pack and leave. Give yourself ample time to pack up all of your belongings to minimize stress for everyone in the home. In addition, you should make a concerted effort to stick to your child’s bedtime and morning routines, as these rituals can make all the difference when there’s so much uncertainty to contend with. To reduce the likelihood of an emotional breakdown or mid-day tantrum, it’s a good idea to prioritize consistent rituals.

Hire the Professionals

If you’re operating on a budget or are short on time, you might think that the DIY approach will be easiest. Unfortunately, this can cause a lot more anxiety for everyone involved. The more you can outsource, the more equipped you’ll be to deal with unexpected hiccups on the big day. Although pickup trucks account for 16.4% of auto sales in the U.S., it’s usually better to hire movers instead of using your own vehicle to move or even renting a truck. Your movers can help you with the heavy lifting and make sure all of your belongings arrive safe and sound. That way, all you’ll have to concentrate on is bringing family members to the new house and transporting perishable or necessary items. And this way, nobody will end up in urgent care because they lifted more than they could handle. Do yourself a favor and take this significant aspect of the move off your plate so you can focus on what really matters.

Planning a move is never easy, per se, but taking the guesswork out of the equation can make it a whole lot less stressful for your family. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to move without incident.

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