How to Brew the Perfect Pot of Coffee?

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Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world. The primary component in coffee, caffeine, has several health benefits, including weight loss, better sports performance, and improved brain function.

However, if you’re a serious coffee lover, good coffee is all you need anytime and every time you want to drink it. And, it takes a lot of practice plus good materials to brew the perfect pot of coffee.

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That said, let’s get back to the topic of brewing the perfect pot of coffee.

Get the Ingredients Right

In order to make the perfect cup of coffee, you need ingredients in the right quantity.

For 2 servings, you need:

  • 12 tablespoons of ground coffee or 2.25 ounces.
  • 36 ounces of filtered water.

Pour Over

One of the best and my favorite method for that perfect coffee is the pour-over coffee.

  1. Boil cold water.
  2. Crush the coffee beans until you achieve a consistent size (similar to the size of salt).
  3. Put a filter in the brewer and rinse with boiling water. Throw the water after rinsing.
  4. Put the required ground coffee into the filter. Slowly and steadily pour water from the filter until above the filter to saturate the coffee powder completely. However, stop pouring when you see coffee drip through the filter.
  5. Start pouring the remaining water slowly. It will take around three to four minutes.

French Press

One of the most popular ways to brew coffee is the French press. It is the go-to way to brew coffee in Europe.

  1. Boil cold water.
  2. Grind the coffee beans, but a little larger than you would in the pour-over method.
  3. Add the powder to the French press.
  4. Pour the boiled water and stir it vigorously. It would take about four minutes to brew the perfect coffee.
  5. Separate the grounds from the coffee, so you don’t get big pieces in the mouth.
  6. Drink the coffee.


Perfect for people who don’t have enough time every morning to make their coffee. A drip coffee machine allows you to create around 12 cups of coffee at once.

  1. Grind the coffee beans into powder (similar to the size of salt).
  2. Use a filter basket to put the coffee powder into the machine.
  3. Pour clean water at the back of the office.
  4. Start the machine and pour the coffee.

While these are just the three best methods to prepare your perfect coffee, there are some things that you need to know.

1 – Buy Fresh Coffee Beans

It is crucial to buy fresh coffee beans to make the perfect pot of coffee. Instead of buying branded coffee beans, consider purchasing them from a local roaster (as it tastes the best when made within a few days of being roasted). Again, avoid buying coffee beans in bulk just because it costs less.

2 – Keep Coffee Beans Fresh

Once you’ve opened coffee beans, make sure to use an airtight container to store them. Avoid refrigerating coffee beans as they can quickly capture moisture. As mentioned above, please don’t buy it in bulk. A five-to-seven-day supply is an optimal quantity.

3 – Try Different Brands

Everyone has a different taste. For example, the coffee brand I love, you might not even like. So, it is crucial to try different brands and stick to what suits you the best. Also, make sure it is readily available in your locality so you won’t have to worry about the supply.

4 – Invest in Good Filters

Low-priced coffee filters are available everywhere. However, experts believe that they affect the coffee’s taste. So make sure to invest in high-quality filters like oxygen-bleached or dioxin-free paper filters.

Wrapping Up

Making that perfect pot of coffee is an art. With time and the right tips, you can become an expert. Use the three types of coffee making to determine what you like the most. Also, don’t forget the tips. Happy Coffee Brewing!

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