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Family building is a cardinal phase of life. Abnormalities of sexual life and organs may lead to infertility in couples. Sometimes the female fails to conceive a child because of menopause. Female cancer survivors can no longer carry a pregnancy, though. Females having ovary disorders are most likely to have a miscarriage.

Modern gynecological techniques involving Egg donation, Surrogacy, Test tube babies, etc., have proved to help hands infertile couples to become parents. Egg donation is also a gift for infertile females, single parents, and LGBT parents .by. By donating eggs, one can help others to achieve their dream of parenting. Egg donating is considered less complex, but it is important to consider its pros and cons to make it easygoing.

 1.Conditions for Egg Donors

If you are considering donating eggs, then it is a great act of apathy. But you should be eligible to donate eggs only if you fulfill certain conditions regulated by gynecological professionals. Theegg donation process can only be possible if the female is free from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Also, the female should have a proper BMI as recommended by the physician. The egg donor must not use any contraceptive or birth control pills. Females of a specific age are preferred for egg donation as 21 to 35 years. They should be mature and stalwart enough to make decisions.

2. Counselling of Donor and Recipient.

If you are looking for intended parents to donate eggs, you should have a medical practitioner’s consultation meeting. The gynecological professional’s infertility centers are the best options to seek advice from. The counseling of donors makes the egg donation process simple in many aspects.

The donor needs to clear all the imputations regarding the egg donation process. It is beneficial for intended parents to join guide sessions at a medical center to ensure that they are prepared and informed wholly before making a final decision.

3. Screening of Donor

If you are willing to donate eggs, then it is not a complicated process, but being a donor, you have to go through rigorous medical testing. Every fertility center has its own set of regulations to carry out the egg donation process. The genetic professionals completely go through the donor’s medical history.

Even mild signs, a donor with any mental or physical disorder will make the donor wholly unsuitable for egg donation. If your family has any medical abnormality, even in ancestors, then you should inform your genetic practitioner about it.

Any deception from the donor regarding her medical record may lead to severe legal complications for the donor. So, the egg donation process is possible only if the donor has a healthy living style. Egg donors should have a clearance from a genetic professional about all of their laboratory tests before donation.

4. Medication for Donor

The egg donation process includes medication of the donor to uphold the further procedures of donation. The medications are mostly ovary stimulator hormones, and nasal sprays .the injections for egg production are given daily to the donor. Some medicines are also used, such as natural hormone suppressing pills and oral progestins.

 These drugs will stop the donor’s menstrual cycle for a specific period. The egg production is increased by using Gonadotrophin hormones’ injections. Normal menstruation produces only one egg per cycle. But the ovary stimulators produce more than one eggs at a time.

5. Donation of Eggs

After the proper elixir of the donor, the donation of eggs takes place. A collection of eggs accompanies it in the ovaries .uitrasound aspiration method is used to redeem eggs from the uterus. An incision process carried out the eggs from ovaries. The mature oocytes are removed from follicles. Eggs are then fertilized in a medical laboratory to form embryos sequentially. The donor is advised to take full rest after surgery.

6.IVF Method

In Vitro fertilization is carried out to fuse donated egg and sperm to form a zygote. The fertilized egg is later termed as an embryo and inserted in a woman’s womb .when the embryo implants itself with uterine walls, the female gets her pregnancy. Assisted reproductive therapy is used to cure infertility. Egg donation process completed in such sequence.


The egg donation process is a milestone in the ultramodern gynecological field. A female produces about 1 million eggs, and 300 to 400 are ovulated during a female’s lifetime. So, egg donation is the best-opted Method for those who are wishing to build their families. If you are interested in egg donation, then have a look above.

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