How To Find Instagram Accounts For Sale

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The emergence of social media has developed a digital social property marketplace. With the trend of buying pages with deceased audience members recently, people started looking to buy Instagram accounts with real followers. So, here is what you need to learn if you’re willing to purchase an Instagram page. 

You can get a great kick-start on your marketing campaign by buying an account that already has a founded following. Let’s handle it: Instagram has become far more than just a platform for image sharing. It’s twisted into the best out of their advertisement board.

Where to find Instagram accounts for sale

You can search through various online marketplaces and middleman businesses to get what the sale price range for Instagram accounts is. Typically, it relies on the number and commitment of its followers. For instance, a travel account cost for $230 with 10K followers based on our searches. 

There are three great sites where you can find the offered Instagram accounts to buy:

Middleman companies: If you want to purchase an Instagram account, better to go with the middleman option. In this model of shopping, you never get in touch directly with the seller. You are communicating and dealing with a certain website, instead. When the payment transaction goes through a third party, you are less likely to be conned.

eBay: There are plenty of sad stories out there about people paying a high amount of money, and never getting the payment information. There are surely authentic vendors on eBay, but with hearing hundreds of untrusted stories, it’s a given that there might be fraudsters. Although it is away, I would not propose you go with the eBay option for your own safe operation.

Online forums: Do your research first. Before making a purchase, read what other people have said about the site or the intended seller. Some people seem to recommend them, but there have been a few stories of people being deceived just like with similar sites. The biggest issue with forums and similar pages are that there is no option for transaction tracking.

Middleman Companies

We made a research among these middle man companies based on the reviews and quality of the customer service. Social Tradia with decent reviews and live chat system was the winner among others. They have multiple accounts up for sale in various subjects such as travel and fitness. The follower range is usually from 4K followers to 300K. The biggest account on there currently retails for $40K and has 1.3M followers. 

Make sure that you should ask for the critical information such as full background check, what the interaction is like, double-check the reality of followers, keep considering the automated one word/emoji comments sharply. We contacted them as a client, and we realize that they provide an evaluation of the audience and presents you with a summary of what followers.

Furthermore, we also cross They are not a social media marketplace. However, you can use this service when you know the person who is willing to sell an Instagram account, but you can not trust to send the money directly. Here is where you need a social media escrow service like Scrowise.

Here are some recommendations that you should keep a few items in mind if you’re shopping for Instagram accounts:

• Buy an account that’s already in a market segment that you’re interested in. You shouldn’t get a photography fans to account with 1M hardcore, then shift it to a fun account. Try to stick to the same theme that the previous owner was going on not to lose the page’s established followers. 

• Always have the original email address and password at first step. Since, the previous owner may mark the account as compromised, and retain both the account and the money if you don’t have the OG email.

• Although it isn’t easy for many people. But try to update the account’s recovery email address and password ASAP. As it is just another security measure, it is necessary to do so immediately to prevent the former owner from getting the account back.

• Always use the services and goods option when using PayPal for the money transfer if you are not using a middle man service. PayPal has two payment options. One of them allows the option of money back if you do not receive your inquiry. 

Inevitably, please be aware that this type of purchase can be always in a risk. It is probable the even a most legitimate and successful Instagram account will not work efficiently unless you have a smart marketing plan in mind or use a well-known middle dealer.

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