Social Media Trends You Need to Know About

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Social media has reshaped the way that we communicate and stay in touch with friends. Social media came from humble beginnings, and in the early two-thousands, websites like MySpace and Bebo were catapulted into the public eye and became staples of youth media and pop culture. And, while those websites have long since died and given away to websites that are more money orientated, the general theme has stayed the same, and as the old gives way to the new, our current social media giants are beginning to weaken and in the same way give way to a new wave of social media platforms. And, with these platforms comes trends unlike those of previous generations.

Social media trends are always changing, so it is hard to stay on top of them, but for the time being, there are a few huge social media trends that you can make use of in establishing yourself as a dominant social media presence.

Getting Verified and Customizing Your URL

Many social media personalities have started a new trend of customizing their social media URLs. Now, if you do not have your own identity URL, you are not part of what is considered to be the social media elite. You have likely visited this site so you can learn how to establish yourself as a social media elitist, and here is a comprehensive guide on how you can. The only way to get yourself a customized social media URL is to become verified on the respective platform. And, while there are different requirements for what warrants verification, the general theme is a large number of followers and a dominant presence.

It can be hard getting followers on social media, and many people resort to underhanded tactics like buying followers, but it is not as hard as you might have thought, and there is little benefit that can be derived from fraudulently buying followers, as the respective platforms will notice this and likely not offer you a verified account.

You must first establish your niche, and only then can you achieve the social media stardom you desire. You must first find what makes you discernible from the other hundreds of thousands of social media users, and then use that to draw in a considerable number of loyal followers. Consider making a travel blog or a videographer page, as they often take off and become very popular. Only when your followers warrant it, can you become verified.

Dance Challenges

Dance challenges have taken off massively on social media, and there is always a current dance challenge trend on social media platforms. It is nearly impossible to find a social media platform without its own respective dance challenges taking place. A great social media trend to take advantage of are dance challenges; they are very popular, very fun, and can be a fantastic way to boost your social media presence. More often than not, these challenges are started by celebrities and continued by fans, and the fans submit the challenges directly to the user accounts of the celebrity who started it.

You can get involved by checking out celebrities’ pages, and when you find one, taking a video, posting it, and tagging the celebrity. When these challenges draw to a close, the winner is often posted all over the celebrities’ social media page and can find themselves amassing a huge number of followers. And, while the likelihood of winning one of these competitions is slim, you can still try, and you never know, you may find yourself the new champion of online dance challenges, which is certainly a feat to be reckoned with.

Diversify Your Social Media Presence

To truly dominate the world of social media, you must diversify your social media presence. There are many platforms, each with its own advantages and disadvantages, and rather than focusing on one platform, work as an umbrella brand and have an account on every single platform. Social media is not a hard thing to conquer, and with a little bit of hard work, you can make yourself the new relevant trend. Make an account on all forms of social media and link them in all of your bios on all of your social media websites and pages.

You can also diversify your content as per the social media page you were using at that time. For more video-based social media, create dance clips and funny videos, for photo-based social media, post nice photography of yourself or wildlife, and for blogs post content!

You can seriously dominate the world of social media if you try hard enough. It is important your content is unique, but most importantly of all, you be yourself. You should never try to be anyone else, no matter how trendy or cool they are, as, at the end of the day, the coolest person you can be is yourself, and you will never succeed in emulating other people!

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