How to Find the Best Cheap Auto Insurance Deal for Your Family

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The prospect of paying for car insurance is rarely an enjoyable one, particularly if you’re a driver with a family to think about.

This makes searching for wallet-friendly cover all the more important, so how can you delve down and discover the top products that won’t cost the Earth?

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Consider combining policies to make savings

The first point to consider is whether you could cut car insurance costs and stretch your budget further by getting cover from multiple vehicles under the same package from a single provider.

Plenty of insurers will gladly take on two or more vehicles which are owned by the same household, so if you and your partner both have a car, and there is perhaps even a car for the use of the younger members of the family, this is a potentially savvy option.

Give accurate info to see if a discount is available

Insurers charge you based on various factors, including how much you use your vehicle. So if you’ve got a car that you only use for short journeys with your family, and you don’t rack up many miles each year, this is worth mentioning.

Low mileage discounts are commonplace, and it’s a good indication of a low risk customer from a provider’s point of view. Likewise if you’ve got a clean driving record because you drive safely, letting a provider know should also shave precious pennies off your premium.

Make sure you’re getting a deal that suits your family needs, e.g. teen drivers

We talked about households with younger drivers earlier, and it’s important to get the right deal on cheap auto insurance while still factoring in the specific makeup of your family.

Adding a teenager to your policy will always see the price go up, so rather than sticking with your current cover, it’s always better to compare quotes from rival providers and find a bespoke package that is tailored to your precise requirements.

Opt for tracked policies

Insurers no longer just have to trust customers when they detail their driving histories and habits; with the emergence of modern tracking technologies and in-car telematics, providers can keep tabs on motorists in real-time.

This might sound dystopian, but in reality it’s a system which promotes good driving habits by giving discounts to those that obey the rules of the road.

Choosing a policy which includes tracking capabilities is also a good way to ensure that other members of your household are sticking to good driving habits; you don’t want a teenager who’s on your policy to be reckless and cost you even more, after all.

Don’t let your choice of car drag you down

If money is tight, changing your car may be one of the top ways to reduce the amount you pay on insurance. This will only apply if your current vehicle is particularly powerful or in a category which insurers consider to be risky, of which sportier models are usually a part.

You could also consider selling your second car if you find that you don’t get much use out of it. For example, if you’ve started working remotely, being a two-vehicle household could be an unnecessary expense.

Pick your ideal payment method

Finally, depending on how your finances are set up, you could either choose to save money by paying for a whole year’s insurance in one fell swoop or to split the costs month by month.

The former will mean the total cost is lower, while the latter will mean that you don’t have to find the full amount upfront. As with all aspects of car insurance, it’s about considering your needs as a family above all else.

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