How To Keep Children Safe From The Internet

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The Internet provides many opportunities for children. However, it also poses some dangers to them. As parents, grandparents, and teachers it is our job to protect each child in our care so they can enjoy the benefits of the Internet without being harmed by its dangers. This article explains why protection from the Internet is important and how to do it.

mom and daughter browsing internet

It may feel that the Internet is a huge and complicated place. It’s important to remember that it can be used safely if you follow some simple advice. In particular, make sure your child knows not to give out their name, address, or phone number online or talk to strangers. Many adults have been contacted by children in chatrooms who have tried to trick them into meeting up face-to-face. One child might think they’re talking to another child, but it could be an adult pretending to be a child. No matter how much you trust your children, or what precautions you take, there is always the possibility that someone may pose as a child online.

Children should always tell a responsible adult straight away if anyone asks them for personal information or makes them feel uncomfortable. If your child can’t find a helpful adult to talk to, they can call Childline

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