How to Know If Your Dogs Are Pregnant & Care of Them

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If you’ve been wondering how to know if your dogs are pregnant and what to do about it, don’t worry!  It’s important that you take care of her to ensure a healthy pregnancy and delivery process.

“How to know if your dogs are pregnant and care of them?” The answer to the question will be clarified right after you finish reading this post.

Read on to learn what steps to take when caring for your expecting pet.

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Clear Signs to Identify Your Dogs Are Pregnant

Changes In Appetite

Dogs, like humans, can experience what is known as morning sickness. One of the symptoms you are likely to see in your dog if they are pregnant is a change in their appetite. One way this can happen is that the dog’s appetite will suddenly increase or decrease, depending on how long they have been pregnant and how old they are.

These changes in appetite correspond with changing hormone levels of the dog’s body throughout pregnancy. As a result, you should take a look at your dog’s diet and notice if there is any appetite change. This is a great sign for you to know whether she is pregnant or not!

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Less Energy for Daily Activities

If your dog has less energy than usual, it may be because she is pregnant. Pregnancy is tiring, and their hormones will change in a big way. They might spend more time napping.

Dogs that are usually energetic may have a decrease in energy. Dogs that already enjoy sleeping all day probably won’t notice it as much. You will know if your dog is less energetic when she tires out more quickly on walks.

Changed Nipples

Female dogs can have small nipples, but they get bigger when they are pregnant. The areolas may become roundish or flatter. You may see her nipples turn redder or sometimes leak milk during the pregnancy.

Behavioral changes

Your dog’s body might go through changes during pregnancy. For example, they will want attention more often. A pregnant dog might come and stay by you a lot. They want to get your attention. But a pregnant dog might also want to be alone and not be bothered by people; they may seem depressed or irritable when given attention.

Increase in Weight

The weight of a pregnant dog will increase as the pregnancy progresses. This is one indicator of a dog’s pregnancy, especially if they do not have any other reason for increasing weight. Your dog may gain 15% to 25% extra based on how many puppies they are carrying. If you see this sign, along with others, it means that your dog needs to go to the vet.

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Care of Pregnant Dogs

A dog’s pregnancy lasts for nine weeks. During this time, the pregnant dog needs to be taken care of so it can give birth to healthy puppies with no abnormalities like down syndrome pugs.

Get Nutrition

During the first few weeks, you can feed your dog her normal diet. But as the pregnancy progresses, she needs more calories and nutrients to help the puppies grow. Veterinarians would recommend puppy food that is high in protein, fat, and minerals. This is easier for dogs to digest than a regular diet.

When you are feeding your pregnant dog, make sure that the meals are smaller. And you feed her more often the smaller meals because she can’t take in a large meal due to all of the puppies inside her stomach taking up space.

Do Exercise

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Exercise is important for a healthy pregnancy, but intense exercise should not be done by pregnant dogs. Do not take your dog to any dog events or do obedience training during her time of gestation, as it would only add unnecessary stress and could harm the pup’s development in utero.

Regular walks around the neighborhood are fine, as well as light games like fetch – so long as you still pay attention to them! You can refer to some recommended exercises for your beloved dogs from this site.

Go to Veterinary

Of course, having your dog checked monthly by the veterinarian is a must. It’s even more important to have your pregnant dog get check-ups during the pregnancy. In this way, you can make sure that she is healthy and her puppies are healthy too.


You should not vaccinate your dog during her pregnancy. The reason is that when bearing, the mother dog’s body is sensitive, and vaccination may lead to even miscarriage. If your dog’s vaccination is out of date, it is always good to vaccinate her before she gets pregnant.


How to know if your dogs are pregnant? We hope this article has helped you understand what your pregnant dog needs and how to care for them throughout their pregnancy. If there’s anything we missed or you would like more information about, please let us know in the comments below.

Our goal is to help make sure that the pregnant mother dog and her baby stay happy, healthy, and safe during all stages of giving birth.

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