How To Organize a Drive By Baby Shower During Social Distancing

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The need for social distancing sure has forced us to find creative ways to celebrate with our loved ones. A baby shower is one of the most precious events for soon-to-be parents and it’s possible to host a baby shower with social distancing. For the safety of parents and their well-wishers, organizing a drive-by baby shower is a unique alternative. However, the host has to think and plan creatively.

What is a Drive-By Baby Shower?

Drive-By Baby Shower

It is also known as a baby shower parade and the premise is quite simple. An expecting mother in 24 to 32 weeks invites guests for a drive-by celebration of her soon-to-be born(s). So instead of gathering friends & family at a venue, guests will do a drive-by parade in front of the couple’s house or at a specific location.

Guests may visit at their designated time, give their gifts and wishes, and play their favorite songs for the couple to welcome their baby. You may use baby shower koozie to welcome the guests with welcome drink.

Who Should Be Hosting the Shower?

Ideally, any close friend or family member would be fit for the job. However, not everyone would volunteer to host a drive-by baby shower like a regular shower. So, don’t be shy to ask your family member or a friend! A drive-by shower requires less cost and effort compared to a regular one.

Besides, you won’t have any issue with organizing the event yourself. You won’t have to decorate your house or organize different food. Note that, whoever is taking the responsibility should explain the concept to everyone.

How to Organize a Drive-by Baby Shower?

Now you may have a clear idea about planning and hosting a drive-by baby shower.

A host could be friends, family, or parents themselves. But to successfully organize and execute a drive-by baby shower they should take into account the following things.

1. Decide A Good Location

If a friend or family member is hosting the baby shower, there should be limited involvement of parents in the planning. However, the host must let parents know and decide on possible locations. The location should be nice with greenery and it should allow easy drive-by.

  • A U-shaped driveway is excellent but an empty street near your house could also work well. Feel free to meet your neighbors to take permission.
  • You must avoid crowded places and unsafe areas for temporary parking. A place with a large garage that could help you with inclement weather is also a great option.

2. Send Your Invitations

Sending paper invitations is always nice but it’s wise to stick with digital invitations in this case. There are many platforms where you could create beautiful digital invitations. The details must include an accurate venue and phone numbers for anyone who’s confused and needs more information.

Remember that this is a relatively new trend and it’s possible that some might not know about it. So it’s your responsibility to clarify in the invitation that it’s a drive-by baby shower event only.

3. Set the Mood

Setting up a beautiful theme is actually one of the best parts of a baby shower event. This doesn’t have to change just because it’s an outdoor event. One way is to rent a canopy tent and decorate the theme yourself. There are event planners also who provide cost-effective drive-by event decor packages that include everything from seating, rugs, floral, and backdrops. 

4. Ensure the Outdoor Comfort

For drive-by baby showers, comfort is the prime necessity, especially for the mom. A place with good scenery is all great, but make sure to have comfortable seating and an outdoor umbrella. Bring a blanket if the weather is cold. Assign a family member to take care of the mother-to-be. Most importantly, a person who can make sure of social distancing so that the mother wouldn’t have to stop someone from getting close and feeling uncomfortable.

5.. Set up a Gift Table

Let’s be real – the whole point of a baby shower is so that parents-to-be could receive beautiful gifts for the baby. To continue this tradition, make sure guests have a specific spot to put their gifts and maintain a 6-foot distance. s a guest, you can also directly mail the gift to their home address before or after the event.

Appoint someone to bring favors to well-wishers who cannot get out of their cars and collect their gifts at the table. Tell guests in advance to not bother wrapping gifts so that friends and family could see.

6. Ask someone to film

As a parent, you would love to record this memory so that you can revisit the day in the future. Handover a camera to a friend, family member, or the little one’s sibling. Tell them to be present at the drive-by and record everyone in the action. You’ll feel the love of this precious day every time you watch it.

Would You Prefer Throwing a Drive-by Baby Shower?

Actually, there aren’t many reasons why someone would want to avoid a drive-by baby shower. Although you’ll need better planning, it’s actually cost-effective and takes less effort. Drive-by baby showers might not be common once there’s no need for social distancing but they’ll still be a great alternative for outdoor celebrations.

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