How To Prepare For Your Ocoee River Rafting Trip!

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The Ocoee River in Tennessee is famed for its river rafting, and if you’re going to be in the area for a vacation, rafting is an experience you should definitely take advantage of. The Ocoee River is located in the Cherokee National Forest, and the river goes through a gorge filled with scenic areas. However, you should know that its rapids can be a little daunting, and you should ensure that you are listening to your guide carefully.

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How To Prepare For The Experience

Your outfit should be appropriate for the weather. In spring, winter, and fall, the weather will be on the chillier side, with temperatures around 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit. If you have a wet suit, a splash jacket, and river shoes, you will find them comfortable, and you can keep your body a little warmer. However, in the summer or on clear days, you should consider sunglasses (go for cheapies here, but make sure they are UV protected) and quick-drying clothing. You’ll need sunscreen as well since sunburns happen much quicker at higher elevations.

You’ll have to wear a helmet so that you can be as safe as possible, but this will be provided by the rafting outfitter you hire. Along those same lines, you absolutely must wear a life jacket. The buckles must be clipped, and your jacket should be snug. Always have your rafting guide help you find the best fit.

Ocoee River Rafting Needs To Be Taken Seriously

Ocoee River rafting can be a fun and fantastic experience, but it needs to be taken seriously. In the past three decades, there have been a handful of deaths, and this is why wearing a life jacket and listening to the instructor is vital. When you understand that you need to pay attention, you will have a more intelligent and safer experience. Ensure that you always stay in the boat as well. This isn’t the time to play with the water, stand up or bounce around. You will need to keep in the boat at all times, especially when you are near the twists and turns. If you’re river rafting with young children, make sure they’re paying attention to their surroundings and to the instructor’s commands.

Know What You Are Doing With Ocoee River Rafting

When river rafting, you will be accompanied by a safety guide and listening to them is vital. Ask them about their training, and you should be assured that they know what they are doing.

You should know the commands that your guide will be using as well as how to hold the paddle properly. Studying ahead of time can help, but you will need to ask your guide for their specific commands; they will want to ensure that you are safe, and there are slight variations on commands, preparations, and how they’ll want to start the trip, so you might not be able to prepare beforehand. 

When you follow these helpful hints, you will see that you are much safer, and you can better enjoy the experience!

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