Learn a Language Using Google Images

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Gone are the days where you would be required to learn a language from books and courses that paid no respect whatsoever to your pace. Then entered self-taught programs which were, undoubtedly a level up, however, as any language learner will tell you- you can’t learn a language until it’s there right in front of you all the time-pointing to the fact that we all are essentially visual learners. And visual learners need good quality images to learn. So, if you are a visual learner who has set their eyes on learning a language then this article is for you. Here we will learn how to optimise google images to aid in learning our target language. 

Use Google Images for your flashcards

The options for online or digital flashcards are many. You can simply take a word and enter into a google image. Save the image on the top of your flashcard and a little caption which includes the word in English or any other language that you are using as a medium. On the second side you can type out the word in your target language. Then learn the word from your flashcard in the usual manner until it sticks. Remember repetition is key. 

Create a document full of pictures of related words

Sometimes it does not suffice to learn just one word when it is almost mandatory to learn other related words with it. For instance, if you are learning the word

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