Leveraging Instagram As The Social Media Platform For Businesses In 2020

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Businesses need to stay at par with the emergence of social media trends and find out what appeals to people. When it comes to maximizing the strength of social media, there is one platform you can hardly overlook and that is Instagram. The multi-faceted features of this platform make it one of the strongest options for businesses in 2020. Therefore, they must leverage Instagram to engage more customers.

No wonder Instagram is the second most popular social media platform after Facebook. According to the opinion of over 80% users, most of them talk about discovering new products and services on this platform. Businesses have a lot to look forward to when utilizing this social media platform for their requirements.

Reaching out to younger adults

The popularity of Instagram makes it easy for businesses to reach out to audiences of different age groups. Here is how it can work.

  • Instagram can address the needs of younger adults more than Facebook.
  • According to sources, over 60% of the users of this platform are between the age group of 18-29 years, and what is more startling is that approximately two out of every three adults in this age group are active users of this service.
  • It is estimated that Instagram will contribute to nearly a quarter of the revenue of this platform.
  • Sources further reveal that the users of this platform have a good amount of disposable income allowing them to make money annually. 

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Instagram business account and profile

The advantage of having a business account on Instagram is to rely on its distinctive features, which is not available in personal accounts. Some of the features include.

  • Instagram ads
  • Display of contact information conveniently
  • Insights of Instagram

While using this platform for your business account, you can make the most of its features among which the effective display of contact information instead of putting it in Instagram bio is the one you can count. Therefore, you can keep your bio space free thereby facilitating more search results and followers who can find your content interactive and engaging.

Instagram Stories

The popularity of Instagram stories in 2019 shows that the trends is likely to prevail for some more time in 2020 as well. Reports reveal that over two hundred million users reach out to Instagram stories every month. If the trend remains in 2020 as well, it is rational to expect that about half of the users of this platform will stick to stories in the beginning of 2020 as well. Are you trying to stay in touch with the users of this social media platform? It is time you delve into the tactics of Instagram stories as well. Read the following

  • Instagram stories facilitate in posting videos and pictures that followers can access as a story for about 24 hours in a row.
  • From the perspective of business, you can approach your audience with the stories and the added bonus is the photo content.

What makes Instagram different from other social media platform is that eighty percent accounts here follow one brand or business and more people visit business profiles every day.

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