Must-Have Gadgets And Accessories That All Cat Owners Need To Own

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Cat’s have been kept and adored for thousands of years, and their popularity is still as high as ever. With more people owning cats than dogs worldwide, there is no denying that they make fantastic pets. They are perceived by many as being solitary and unloyal. But nothing could be further from the truth. Most cats love nothing more than spending time with their owner playing or being fussed. Taking on any kind of pet is a tremendous responsibility as they will rely on your for care, food and love. While cats may not require long walks and constant attention, that doesn’t mean they don’t need you. As well as food and fuss, cat’s need quite a few essentials to keep them active, healthy and comfortable. So if you want to make both you and your cat’s lives far easier, take a look at these must-have gadgets and accessories.



Cat Carrier

One of the most essential pieces of equipment that every cat owner needs is a cat carrier. This is the easiest and safest way to transport your cat, whether it’s to the vets or while travelling. Letting your cat roam free as you drive the car can be extremely hazardous. Your cat could get stuck under the seats, escape through a window and take your attention away from the road. All of which could cause a serious accident. No owner enjoys putting their cat in a cage, but it’s only temporary and for their own good. The choice of available cat carriers is overwhelming. To ensure you are getting the best possible option, look for cages that offer plenty of ventilation and space. While also having a robust and sturdy structure. Measuring your cat may make this process a lot easier. The last thing you want is to buy a carrier that doesn’t allow your pet space to move or stand up. This will just make them more anxious and stressed out throughout the journey. Don’t worry too much about the comfort factor too much at this stage. You can always add blankets and toys that you already own into the carrier or basket later one. For pets who don’t like going into a carrier, consider one that has a top which opens. This will make it far easier to get them in quickly without much fuss. If you’re still unsure visit a local pet store or talk to your vet about possible options.

cat food bowl


Automatic Cat Feeder

If you enjoy going on weekend breaks or work long days at the office, this is the must-have gadget for you. Automatic feeders use sensors or timers that dispenses measured portions of food for your cat to enjoy. This brilliant invention has become increasingly popular amongst cat and dog owners alike. It brings you peace of mind knowing your pet is being fed regularly even when you are not there. It’s also a useful way of making sure they are not overeating and gaining weight which could cause a number of health issues. If your cat has diabetes, it could also ensure they get enough food to stay on top of their condition. It’s benefits truly are endless. You just need to fill it up, choose the program, and that’s it. These automatic feeders can be bought in a number of shapes and sizes and vary drastically in price. To weigh up the pros and cons of each machine, you should visit a consumer research site. Their trusted product reviews will help you choose a good quality feeder that suits your cat,  home, and budget.

silly cat


Laser Toy

Cat’s are quite playful animals, particularly when they are young. It helps them to learn and improve their natural hunting skills. There are plenty of options that your cat would love the play with from feather sticks to catnip mice. But if you really want to keep your cat happy, a laser toy could be a perfect choice. While you may not think lasers would be any good for a cat toy, they can actually give them endless fun. The body of the toy will emit a red laser light that continually moves and changes position. This encourages your cat to run, jump and pounce onto the light as it moves. Depending on the model, you can pick and choose which patterns the laser makes and for how long. You can also adjust the speed to suit older or younger cats who may not be able to move as quickly. Making this toy suitable not matter what age your cat is. This is another great gadget that your cat can use when you aren’t at home to keep active and entertained. Again, it would be advantageous to visit customer research sites to find a toy that suits your cat and budget. Alternatively, you could visit pet forums to ask other cat lovers for their recommendations.

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brush cat


Grooming Brush

Grooming is something that cat’s do a lot of. They can spend hours cleaning their coat to keep it looking beautiful. As a pet owner, it’s your responsibility to help you cat to keep their fur in tip-top condition, regardless of what kind of coat they have. You can do this by ensuring you have a suitable grooming brush in your home. For short hair cats, you should use a metal toothed comb or bristle brush or both. Just make sure that neither are too sharp as this could damage the fur and cut your cat’s skin. For long haired cats, a wire brush, and a deshedder tool are popular options. Long hair can easily matt which if left undealt with can become very painful to remove. So seek advice from your vet or from a local pet grooming service to determine how often you need to brush your cat. Your feline friend may even need specialist shampoo and treatment to get rid of matts and tangles. Your cat will feel like royalty as you carefully brush their fur and make it feel smooth and soft.


GPS Collar

Collars have been an essential item for cats to wear for identification if they get lost or injured. It’s not uncommon for cats to go exploring and it’s likely they travel further than you think each day. For peace of mind and to keep track of your feline friend, a GPS collar like those supplied by PawTrack could be ideal. These lightweight allow you to see exactly where your cat is at any time. This can be incredibly useful if you cat doesn’t come home or is taken to a vet after an accident. You just have to download an app or access a website, which makes it very convenient indeed. As well as GPS, some collars also have video footage that you can access as and when you please. These items do obviously come with a higher price tag than your traditional collars. But they allow you to know where your pet is throughout the day, which is something many pet owners wished they could do. Do your research and consult with suppliers and other owners to ensure you are picking the safest and most suitable collar available.

These gadgets and accessories are every cat’s dream and shows them just how much they mean to you. Not only will they make them feel loved, but will also make you a far superior pet owner. They bring so much joy into our lives, so why not spoil them every once and awhile. The love and affection you receive as a result will have made buying these items completely worth it.

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