Keeping Cats Happy In Honor Of National Cat Day! #ShebaCat #Shop

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Keeping Cats Happy In Honor Of National Cat Day #ShebaCat #Shop | Optimistic Mommy

Did you know that today, October 29, 2013 is National Cat Day? I didn’t and I’m a cat owner and lover! The adorable cat above, Apple, is one of our babies. We’ve only had Apple since about April of this year. I believe it was a God thing… Miles had just gotten off work and was sitting outside calling me to see if he needed to bring home anything and someone just dropped this poor cat off. He ended up jumping in Miles’ lap and wouldn’t leave. So he brought him home. And I am so glad he did! We named him Apple because at the time that was Riley’s favorite word. 🙂 Apple is seriously the best cat ever – he’s one of the most social cats I have ever seen. He loves being around people and being petted. I wake up every morning to him purring and laying right on top of me, wanting loving. It’s definitely a great thing to wake up to!

Something we do for Apple is at least once a week let him have a little treat. I know I would get tired of having the same thing every day to eat, like Apple has to do with his dry cat food – so every Sunday evening we let him have some wet cat food. And he goes crazy for it!

Keeping Cats Happy In Honor Of National Cat Day! #ShebaCat #Shop | Optimistic Mommy

Isn’t Apple just so handsome, showing off the Sheba food we got for him at Walmart? 🙂 I love the different varieties they have. It keeps it even more interesting every week for him!

We strive to keep our beautiful cat happy not just on National Cat Day, but every day! A happy cat makes for a happy home. 🙂 High quality food, like Sheba, makes me feel good that he’s not only getting something that makes him happy, but that is good for him!

Keeping Cats Happy In Honor Of National Cat Day! #ShebaCat #Shop | Optimistic Mommy

Whenever he sees the little cans, he just comes running and sits up on the kitchen counter. We have to feed him his Sheba up on the counter because of our two other fur-babies – two dogs. (You’ll hear a little more from them in a bit!) The dogs get their own treats during the week, so we don’t want them taking Apple’s. 🙂

Keeping Cats Happy In Honor Of National Cat Day! #ShebaCat #Shop | Optimistic Mommy

He devoured the Chicken & Liver Entr Paté we gave him this Sunday! Don’t you love his little jester-like collar, as well? He’s all ready for Halloween! He’ll be getting his special treat of Sheba for Halloween as well – since he’s such a cute trick-or-treater! 😉

Keeping Cats Happy In Honor Of National Cat Day! #ShebaCat #Shop | Optimistic Mommy

These would be our two doggies, Annie (the black dachshund/jack russel on the left) and Frankie (the tan puggle on the right). Don’t they look so pathetic/sad, begging for some Sheba for themselves? Do you think Apple will let them have some?

Keeping Cats Happy In Honor Of National Cat Day! #ShebaCat #Shop | Optimistic Mommy


Here’s the answer for the dogs’ question! Just look at that face – nobody’s taking Apple’s Sheba from him! 🙂 I don’t blame him – if I were a cat, I wouldn’t want a silly dog to touch mine either!

Like I said before, a happy cat makes for a happy home. Some other things we like to do for Apple to make him happy, is spend quality time with him. Each morning, he wakes me up by purring and laying on top of me (literally). So each morning is Mommy & Apple time. If you can’t do it in the morning, pick a time that works for you. Also, we spend time playing with him. He has this stuffed monkey (that used to be Riley’s) that he just loves, so we’ll spend time playing catch – we’ll throw it across the room and he’ll actually bring it back to us! I swear, he is one of the weirdest cats I have ever known or heard of, but it’s a good thing! I wouldn’t want our Apple any different. 🙂

If you have a pretty kitty you would like to give a treat to – whether for National Cat Day or Halloween, Walmart has a great deal going on! They have the individual cans of Sheba on Rollback for just 50 cents a can! And for an even better deal, you should go snag the Buy 6 Get 1 Free coupon over at Sheba’s Website! To learn more about Sheba, please visit their Twitter and Facebook page!

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  1. Oh gosh your animals are too cute! Looks like your kitty is enjoy the Sheba as well πŸ™‚ x

  2. I had no idea that October 29, 2013 is National Cat Day. Good to know. I am going to tell my Daughter. I don’t think she has any idea either and she loves cats. I feel if you own a cat… you need to take the best care of it as possible.

  3. Awe, how cute. I love that there is a National Cat day! I wish that I would have known about this sooner because it is a fun idea.

  4. We love Sheba for our kitties πŸ™‚ I can’t believe you got Apple to stay still for photographs, my cats would have no parts of that if I tried lol

  5. Your pets are adorable and your post had me laughing – of course she doesn’t want to share his Sheba with the dogs!

  6. The dogs and the cat are cute, and I love the Halloween neck decoration/outfit.
    We don’t have a kitty, but if we did, I’d celebrate National Cat Day. πŸ™‚

  7. I had no idea there was a national cat day – I am very allergic to them, so we don;t have a cat.

  8. I never knew that and i have cats lol,Apple sure is a handsome boy.

  9. I love the pictures of your animals! You cat is so cute. Mine would never let me put anything on her, but I haven’t tried in some time.

  10. I had no clue it was National Cat Day. That is so cute the dogs want the cat foods. My Cats are always trying to get at the dogs food. LOl.

  11. Ha! Your cat is quite entertaining! I love his collar costume! My cat is such a huge fan of Sheba too! And my dog begs and begs for it. It is so funny! But he gets his own treat. The Sheba is for our cat. And he loves us for it.

  12. I have three cats and two of them are rescues. They are so spoiled! I think Apple the cat is adorable.

  13. I sis this campaign as well and I LOVE your pictures! My girls would NEVER have let me put a costume on them and let me take a picture! Great post!

  14. I had no idea it was National Cat Day – now I feel like bad cat mom for not spoiling mine. Your cat is beautiful!

  15. How cute is that! I love the dogs wanting some too!

  16. What a dweet kitty. I love the picture with the tongue sticking out just a bit.

  17. Cute animals and happy cat day! They deserve a day don’t they? Pets are so wonderful! Looks like a really high quality food!

  18. Wow! I didn’t know cats had a day to themselves! So cute!

  19. I don’t have cats, but yours is pretty cute!

  20. I am dying over your pets!! They are SO DARN CUTE!! I wish I could have a cat. My husband is allergic.

  21. I didnt know that either. Im glad I spoiled my cat yesterday even though I didnt know it was his day. lol

  22. i didnt’ realize it was national day of the cat. we picked up a stray cat (before she became feral) not too long ago.

  23. What a nice treat to give on National Cat Day, great story! #client

  24. Haha love the pictures, your furbabies are adorable! I miss having a kitty to spoil.

    • I’m glad you like the pictures, Bobbi! πŸ™‚ Kitties are very nice to have! I’m considering getting another – but with one child, two dogs and one cat, I don’t know if we should or not!

  25. Our poor Milo has been missing out, I didn’t know about National Cat day! Might have to pick him up some belated treats and beg forgiveness.

  26. I love these photos. I’m definitely a cat lover but my son and I are allergic to them so I can’t have them in the house. We have a dog but I’m still always trying to figure out a way to get a cat too.

  27. What cute kitties you have! In Germany I always had cats, now I have dogs. Either way, pets are such an important part of my life! It feels so great to give them something they really like πŸ™‚

  28. I had no idea that October 29, 2013 is National Cat Day. Good to know. I am going to tell my Daughter. I donοΏ½t think she has any idea either and she loves cats. I feel if you own a catοΏ½ you need to take the best care of it as possible.


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