Neck Pain From Sleeping Wrong & How To Fix It

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Are you suffering from neck pain the moment you get up from sleep? This ache is just because you are sleeping the wrong way and if it continues, it can cause prolonged illness mainly spondilysis. When you are in a deep sleep, your head might be placed in such a position that the neck muscles gets unnecessarily stressed.

Why neck pain

Are you worried about the neck pain you are suffering from sleeping on the wrong pillow. Exercise is very important but if you don’t have time for it, takes a look at the other things you can do.

Your neck should get some rest – Do you even know that your head weighs about 11 lb? It’s a pretty good weight that your neck needs to support, therefore offer some rest to your muscles. Lie down comfortably whenever you get some time; keep your head in a neutral position. Resting on a comfortable pillow is the best remedy.

Avoid taking stress – Stress increases the pain around your neck and it would take a lot of time to heal. So, avoid taking stress, relax, and give some relief to your head and neck.

Apply ice – Ice if applied in short intervals can do wonders but if you get more pain applying ice, avoid using it.

Massage and hot compress

A massage using the best neck massager is the best thing one can have if there is a neck and back pain; you will feel a lot better. A warm compress can work wonders so just place a warm towel so that the blood circulation improves in the affected area and gives you relief. If by chance heat worsens, stop doing that.

Pillows for side sleepers to avoid neck ache

Side sleeping is the best sleeping position; it is said so according to science. Maintaining the right posture is most important and this is why you need to invest in the right support. Buy firm pillows if you are a side sleeper, this offers right amount of support and balance. For side sleepers, these four types of pillows are not appropriate for you namely: polyester, feather, gel filled and down. Per study from, these pillows are extremely soft and whenever you sleep, empty spots are created. Pillows containing buckwheat or shredded latex are the best for side sleepers. Now you might be contemplating about the right height of pillows. A high loft is best for side sleepers and this is to ensure that your head is in a comfortable position. Check the height that you feel good and then select. Choose a height that you feel comfortable, it varies from person to person.

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Sleeping on the back

When sleeping on the back, a low pillow is the best. You can rol a towel for extra support under the neck. There are people who feel tucking the pillow under the shoulders is more comfortable and the neck is bent forward. This position is preferred by people having neck or back pain.


When you are travelling, there are travel neck pillow to support your neck. Sometimes the solution is a just buying a new pillow. Having a wrong pillow can be a cause of neck and spine pain. If you sleep at your back, choose a rounded pillow that would offer a firm support to the back. For those suffering from allergies, down feather pillows are an excellent option. It’s not so difficult to deal with neck pain; just changing your sleeping habits can work wonders. Here are a few tips for you:


  • Never sleep on your stomach
  • Use the right kind of pillow
  • If pain continues, seek medical assistance


Apart from pillows, you also need to shop for the apt mattress, one that supports your back in the best way keeping your spine healthy. Read online while choosing, you would be able to compare and buy the best one. According to research, apart from sleep position or pillows, sleep itself plays a big role in aggravating or reducing muscle pain. People with various types of sleep disorders can also suffer from this pain. Disturbances in sleep do not allow your muscle to relax entirely and probably this is one reason. Sleep is a natural healer, sleep right.

So, from now on, no wrong sleeping please!

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