Non-Alcoholic Drinks for Summer

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 Looking for some non-alcoholic drinks for summer? If you say yes, I have a nice list of summer drink recipes that are great for kids and adults. Whip up one or more of these refreshing summer drinks to serve at your next cookout, after-school treat, and more. 

summer drink recipes

We get tired of plain old ice tea or lemonade, so if you are like us, you might enjoy some of these incredible recipes as well. From mimosa mocktails, lemonades, nonalcoholic mimosas and more. There is never a wrong time to serve up one or more of these refreshing and vibrant summer drinks. 

Non-Alcoholic Drinks 

Here are some of our favorite easy non-alcoholic drinks to serve up.   

Non-Alcoholic Drinks for Summer

What is the most popular non-alcoholic drink?

Water, tea and lemonade are the most popular non-alcoholic drinks. Beer is one of the most popular, but I don’t think they classify that as the non-alcoholic version. 

Ways To Serve Up Your Favorite Drinks 

Put them in mason jars so they are single serve and place in a bucket with ice so people can grab and go. This is great for summer entertaining. Add a tag and write what drinks are what. 

Whip up a big pitcher and then have it out for people to serve themselves. We do this a lot if we offer a variety of drinks. Just make sure to add enough ice to stay cold on a hot day. 

Or grab some fancy cocktail glasses and mix and serve as you go. Even though they are a non-alcoholic drink it can be fun to sip from fancy glasses. 

How To Keep A Drink From Getting Water Downed 

In the summer it is hard to keep those fresh lemonades, mocktails, and teas from feeling water downed after a bit. I have a couple of tricks you might enjoy and benefit from. 

  • Ice Cubes | Make Ice Cubes out of whatever you are drinking. So pour the tea into ice cube trays to freeze and toss in, so as it melts it just adds more flavor. You can do this with any of the drinks above. 
  • Frozen Fruit | Toss in frozen fruit in replace of ice to help add color to your drink but also chill it off. 
  • Start Cold | Start by chilling your drink in the fridge. Once fully chilled then add the ice so that it takes a lot longer for it to warm up and melt. 
  • Reusable Ice Cubes | You can buy reusable ice cubes so that they don’t water down your drink, and once they lose the cool you wash, rinse, and toss back in the freezer. 

Give one or more of these drinks a try today and see how you like them! 

What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink? Non-Alcoholic drinks

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