Now There’s a Fantastic App for Mothers

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Becoming a mother for the first time is a milestone in every woman’s life and if you are approaching motherhood, you’ll be relieved to learn there is now an app especially for you. Digital tech can be a life-saver; we have apps for just about everything from watching your weight to finding a partner and much more. 

There are many ways that a mobile app can help a new mum, which we outline here.

  • Access resources – Imagine having a wealth of practical knowledge from the Motherhood app, which gives you answers to the many questions a new mum has. Whether during the pregnancy or post birth, you can access all the info you need to ensure that you are doing the right things. It is a nice feeling to know that on your smartphone, you have so much knowledge and wisdom at your disposal; get the app now and start your own motherhood journey.
  • Connect with other mums – The exclusive forum puts you in touch with mothers, so you can make new friends and receive the best advice. Most new mums find a local group and meet up once a week, or you could create virtual rooms and chat together. Search online and get the app that will make motherhood so much easier and more enjoyable, you’ll be glad that you did! You can find mums that match your profile in terms of interests and location and you’ll never feel alone once you get the Motherhood app.
  • Customised solutions – Once you have set up and created your profile, there are so many options and as the app gets to know you, it will present you with relevant information. There’s never been a better way to stay connected with a community and any questions you have can be answered by other mums on the network. Here are a few financial goals that a young family should have.
  • Home feed – The app uses AI to get to know you and this means you get relevant information on your home feed, which pops up when you open the app, with reminders and notifications, keeping you abreast of things. This will become a very valuable tool to help you through parenthood, while helping you to connect with other mums.
  • Range of hot topics – From fertility to parenthood and everything in between, you will find informative blogs and articles on pregnancy and birth; great search functions make it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Downloading the Motherhood App equips you with the tools to create your own mum’s manual, making you a better parent; a Google search will take you to the app website and you can learn more about the many benefits that connecting with a parenthood community brings. Join the many mums who use this amazing app and you have everything a mum needs at the touch of a screen.

The UK government offers a lot of valuable information about parenthood, which should help with any questions you might have about support.

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